Dave Gorman Book America Unchained Signed £7.49 OR LESS AT PLAY
Dave Gorman Book America Unchained Signed £7.49 OR LESS AT PLAY

Dave Gorman Book America Unchained Signed £7.49 OR LESS AT PLAY

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Cheaper instore at borders. But signed here for a bargain 7.49. Quidco makes it pennies cheaper than 7.49. 5% discount with play vouchers makes it even less than even less.

Signed by Dave Gorman

The plan was simple. Go to America, buy a second-hand car, drive coast-to-coast without giving any money to 'The Man'. What could possibly go wrong? Dismayed by the relentless onslaught of faceless American chains muscling in where local businesses had once thrived, Dave Gorman set off on the ultimate American road trip - in search of the true, independent heart of the U S of A. He would eat cherry pie from local diners, re-fuel at dusty gas stations on remote highways and stock up on supplies from Mom and Pop's grocery store. At least that was the idea. But in a world of 30,000 McDonalds, 13,000 Starbucks, and 4,200 Best Westerns, could it really be done? When did you last see an independent gas station?

Gamely, Dave beds down in a Colorado trailer park, sleeps in an Oregon forest treehouse, and even spends Thanksgiving with a Mexican family in Kansas. But when his classic coast-to-coast trip mutates into an odyssey of near-epic proportions and he finds himself stealing food from the Republican Party in Utah and being threatened by men with guns in Mississippi, Dave wakes up to the fact that his American adventure has spiralled out of control...


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30p discount for quidco. 250 signed copies avaliable = Competition for a signed hubcap. I'm not even joking. Especially not about the 30p cashback.

Thanks for this - heat and rep added.

Just finished reading "Googlwhack Adventures" and "Are You Dave Gorman?" - brilliant books, many laugh out loud moments.

Bought it cheers

Great price for the signed edition.

This guy is hilarious!!

Unfunniest guy in comedy (after Dane Cook.) So up himself.

Watched the TV programme on this. Big fan of Dave Gorman but he was off form. Hope the book is better. Anything without MPDG (Miles per Dave Gorman) isn't worth the effort!!

Having just read the book, it isn't as funny as Googlewack by a long shot. Was most dissappointed

I saw this and wasn't a big fan either....

I liked 'Are you Dave Gorman?' and Googlewhack but couldn't help thinking some of it was slightly contrived - not exactly untrue, just not presented as honestly as he made out...entertaining though for sure.

This I could take or leave.....good price however if you like it.

Watched this guy on the Wright stuff.
Reminded me of a boy at my school who was the biggest bully i have ever met.
He was also the most insecure person.

How novel, a book, I never knew you still got these!!!

Its against multinationalism and the excessively corporate society.

So how do you pirate a book in support of this?!?!


The TV version wasn't up to his previous form, but the book should be better.

If anyone doesn't already know, he's doing a UK tour of readings and Q&As (and no doubt signings as well), mostly at branches of Borders, and the ticket price is often redeemable against the book (which, as noted by the OP, is cheaper instore at Borders than on the net).

Reminded me of a boy at my school

This thread reminds me of a boy at my school too - Dave Gorman. He was in the year below me. :-D


The TV version was utter rubbish to be honest. Really dull.

I was gutted because his other stuff has been fantastic.

Picked this up in WH Smiths at the weekend. Half marked price of £11.99 so paid £6

Packed into my suitcase as my 'holiday read'


This thread reminds me of a boy at my school too - Dave Gorman. He was in … This thread reminds me of a boy at my school too - Dave Gorman. He was in the year below me. :-D

Ah another ex-Walton student? :thumbsup:

Can anyone tell me what he has done which is funny?
I watched the google thing he did thing on CH.4 - finding the other Dave Gormans in the world - hello - what was funny about that? I mean that was it, and what should have been a 5 minute segment was the whole show.
I am serious - can someone point me in the direction of his funny stuff?
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