Daves Ghost Pepper Sauce £3.66 @ Tesco

Daves Ghost Pepper Sauce £3.66 @ Tesco

Found 18th Jan 2011
Excellent price for one of the hottest sauces on the market!


Be carefull if you buy, this stuff makes tabasco seem like ketchup. I'm not joking this can put you in hospital. Not to be confused with Dave's insanity sauce which is mega hot by any ones standards. This contains concentrated Ghost peppers/ Dorset Naga / Bhut Jokolia Chilli peppers which are the hottest in the world and 10x that of a habanero which most people would find too hot. You have been warned. Good find though i will be ordering, heat added.

Brought this on Sunday from Tesco's at price op quoted.

Now Dave's insanity sauce was good, but this ghost sauce is absolutely insane! BTW - read the label on the bottle 'also good as an industrial cleaner'

Oh - and don't get it in your eye.....it burns for hours!
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is that it? just wondering what to look out for, rather expensive especially the original price so I take it as an indication of how hot it is.
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Thats the one

This stuff is mental however I knew a guy from Zimbabwe who smothered his food in it and didn't break a sweat. As an ingredient it is very easy to ruin the whole meal - it is that hot
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Im suprised it didnt blind you newbs !

Got to agree, this stuff is potent. Just a few drops in a curry for 5 people gave it a decent kick, trying it straight from the bottle is just insane. A few of us had a go, gave me goosebumps and my head tingled. It was remarkably like a mild ecstacy rush, it was very strange indeed. My lips were numb for a good 10 minutes too, and that was from a blob smaller than my little fingernail.

Use this at your peril, but it is great


Im suprised it didnt blind you newbs !

Wouldn't want to be anywhere near your bog. Bet you swig this in pint glasses you're that tough. Been on mailing list for years so not new to pepper sauce

**** hell I put the tiniest dot in my burger to give it a try and my mouth is on fire.

Is this as hot as MAD DOG sauce ? That's got a good kick to it. I will have to give this a go to try it out.
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