Dave's Ghost Pepper Sauce £5.48 @ Asda

Dave's Ghost Pepper Sauce £5.48 @ Asda

Found 3rd Sep 2010
BRAND NEW!!! A new super-hot hot sauce has joined the ranks of Dave's Insanity Sauces. Made with the same Bhut Jolokia/Ghost Peppers (the hottest peppers in the world!) as in the 2008 Special Reserve, this is one flavourful but supremely hot sauce.

The label says:
So Hot It's Spooky!

This is a delicious addition to most any food, but especially sauces, meat and ethnic foods.

It also is a great industrial cleaner and grease remover.

WARNING: Use this product one drop at a time.

Keep away from eyes, pets and children.

Not for people with heart/respiratory problems.
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ah hot
Bit expensice for a sauce

Bit expensice for a sauce

Get yer coat......

Get yer coat......

You could be right.................it seems to be getting a bit cold in here http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs23/f/2007/350/4/f/4f6e06a392cb8f40.gif
I've got the Dave's Death Sauce. When they say it is hot, you better believe it! You will be crying for your yo momma!
£5.48 for a bottle of sauce with some extras chillies in it,your havin a larf !
Guys - this isn't a normal sauce. Just a coupe of drops in something you're cooking and you can feel it tingle. I would not recommend eating it neat, it should be mixed with something else you're cooking.

Cheaper than Hot Headz (you can buy the £25 limited edition one from there if you wanted to!)
Guys - this is a lethal weapon! I pride myself on my chilli-eating ability (use vindaloo for mouthwash and phall for an appetizer etc), but tried the STANDARD version of Dave's Insanity sauce last week and have only just emerged from a coma... Voice has yet to reappear.

The sauce will come in handy to remove tarmac from my driveway when I next need it resurfacing!
I use normal Dave's all the time, great stuff. Not tried the ghost one yet but its been in Asda for a while. TBH though, if you need to dilute it that much to use it, why pay more for a concentrated one? Normal Dave's is fine for me, much hotter and it starts to hurt.
Seems expensive when you factor in a few pairs of destroyed pants and a few packs of moist wipes oO

Seems expensive when you factor in a few pairs of destroyed pants and a … Seems expensive when you factor in a few pairs of destroyed pants and a few packs of moist wipes oO

This is well woth it, its extreamly hot, And I love it!! It is so hot that you really don't deen much of it and it will last I good while. I put it on everything and what else is great is to put a wee bit in a bottle of tomato sause and you have a great chillie sauce!
Scotch bonnets are too hot for me never mind this, would love to try it tho
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