David Beckham, Classic Eau de Toilette for Him, 90 ml £9.75 (Prime), £13.70 (Non-Prime) @ Amazon

David Beckham, Classic Eau de Toilette for Him, 90 ml £9.75 (Prime), £13.70 (Non-Prime) @ Amazon

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£9.11 is the cheapest-ever I can see this, but not bad. Don't buy for a Man City fan, obviously (like I did once ). It was my ignorance, rather than a desire to antagonise

If Prime delivery puts you off, you can get it for £10.38 at Onlinebeautybuys/ebay ebay.co.uk/itm…565

"Classic is a fragrance that balances "charismatic masculinity and classic elegance", developed by Aurelien Guichard. Top notes include fresh citrusy flavors of gin and tonic, lime and galbanum. Cypress, nutmeg and fresh mint in the heart are rounded by the warm woody base of vetiver, cedar and amber."
Fragrantica: fragrantica.com/per…tml

£22.63 at Boots: boots.com/dav…270
£14 The Fragrance Shop: thefragranceshop.co.uk/pro…spx

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Classic Blue EDT 90ml is also £9.95 amazon.co.uk/Dav…GHO
32304286-z6RQz.jpgFragrantica: fragrantica.com/per…tml
"Jean-Christophe Herault created this edition. The composition is bolder than the original, starting with fresh accords of pineapple, grapefruit and violet leaf. The heart consists of geranium, clary sage and apple, laid on the dense woody base of cashmere, patchouli and moss."

£9 was the cheapest:
32304286-qnUGb.jpgSteppero on Fragrantica says: "It smells a bit like nautica voyage but not as sweet and a lot more masculine. If you want something simple, smells nice and lingers, This is for you. For $15 grab it."

I really love Nautica Voyage (and I'm a laydee), will have to sniff this one out.

Edited by: "louiselouise" 24th Oct 2017
Is this a parody post? I really hope that it is.
ITMA11 m ago

Is this a parody post? I really hope that it is.

I have no interest and little knowledge about football (obviously, with the faux pas I made), I'm not snobbish about celeb scents if they're good - I think some DB scents are reckoned to be hit and miss (insert football pun here). I'm more into fragrances. Maybe that answers your question
All this is £9.99 in Savers
itisdiane25 m ago

All this is £9.99 in Savers

I'm pretty sure it's the smaller bottles at that price, but I can check in store tomorrow if anyone cares
Heat from me, to be fair you can't go wrong with the vast majority of David Beckham's fragrances especially for day to day and the price is always reasonable, nice little stocking fillers at this price.
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