david beckham intimate £9.99 @ Argos

david beckham intimate £9.99 @ Argos

Found 1st Oct 2008
david beckham intimate 50ml edt spray
was £26 now £9.99 less than half price
argos clearance deals under heading gifts


Oh wow - this must be the fragrance he personally formulated... or that makes you smell like him... or which he gave his name to for a stupendous marketing fee... any of which must make it a compelling fragrance for others... not .... :whistling:

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oh my gooooooooooood please get a life

but the final insult to having one's designer fragance heavily discounted must be seeing it sold in Argos.. what next garage forecourts ?..... :whistling:

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lol yeah could be

I like the smell of this.. hot!

Not my thing but still a hot deal!

Obviously not a big seller!

I reckon this is a better deal:- hotukdeals.com/ite…-s/

Who is Beckham?


Who is Beckham?

Everyone knows that - he's a famous rugby player.


Everyone know that - he's a famous rugby player.

Rugby i thought it was golf?:oops:

hot for me

I think it smells quite nice, lil fruity.

And obviously Beckham is a living legend. Jealous per chance guys?

Rebecca Loos probably thinks it smells nice.
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