David Gray at the Internet Archive
David Gray at the Internet Archive

David Gray at the Internet Archive

Not sure how well known this is but David Gray has a collection of live shows at the Internet Archive recorded by fans and apparently with the blessing of the record company.

There are 110 in all (at time of posting) ranging from 1993 to as recent as this month (some with more than one version of the same show)
Generally the quality is very good.

Available to download in Flac, MP3 and Ogg Vorbis

There are also radio sessions and interviews which are all excellent.

If you already knew all this (David Gray fans probably do) sorry for wasting your time
otherwise hope you find something you like.


Nice, can you download them?

Wow! Available as FLAC!

Wish other artists management were this nice! I would happily buy good quality live recordings but they are few and far between. Only seems to be large bands that have been around a while. Thought they might become more common even as MP3 only albums.


Nice, can you download them?

Everything at Internet Archive is free. You'll find books, music and film. I think they delete any illegal stuff so there shouldn't be a problem downloading stuff. I use this to upload ebooks and audio books I have created.
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