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Davis and Grant 16'' Stand Fan £13.68 at Groupon
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Davis and Grant 16'' Stand Fan £13.68 at Groupon

Posted 3rd Aug
£13.68 delivered with code SWIPE.

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I had 2 of these, both very poorly made. Had to to return them. They vibranted and got louder over time, they have Sharpe edges, my kid got hurt due to them. I would not recommend them.
Oypla one for a quid more is pretty good
These come under many names but they are made in the same manufacturing plant. Strangely enough they are one of the quietest under £40 - at low speeds - and I can actually sleep with it on (which can't be said for the 2 fans I bought for over £40 that sounded like they were going to take off on low)

Just make sure you put it together well as they aren't very study and don't over tighten the plastic nuts (they will come loose so expect to tighten them every now and then)

Also make sure the fan blade is located inside the notch on the spindle pin when you tighten it up or it will not be balanced (and it will shake itself loose)
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