Dawn of war 2 - only £4.99 delivered @ PLAY.COM

Dawn of war 2 - only £4.99 delivered @ PLAY.COM

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was this price a while back but then sold out. Good game. Well worth a fiver!


nice price thanks

Make sure to check your PC meets the spec for this, it only works with very specific graphics hardware as I found out after I bought it!

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Still 4.99. It worked fine with my 4890 if that helps anyone. Also it is a DX 10 game so if you wanted to max out the graphics then you would need a DX 10 card.

Game ran fine on my 8800GT. FYI a stand-alone expansion is set for 2010.

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Also this game is a game for windows live meaning you can get the achivements on your gamercard when playing on pc.
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