Dawsons Creek COMPLETE Collection.Amazon only £40.97 - Saving £109 !

Dawsons Creek COMPLETE Collection.Amazon only £40.97 - Saving £109 !

Found 23rd Apr 2008
In the small coastal town of Capeside, Massachusetts, a group of high school kids come of age, each with their own set of trials and tribulations. Affluent, 15 year-old Dawson Leary (James Van Der Beek), idolises Steven Spielberg and wants to be a film maker. He has been friends with Joey (Katey Holmes) who lives across the pond with her pregnant sister since they were both five, but their friendship is changing now that their hormones are kicking in. The arrival of attractive new girl Jen (Michelle Williams), however, changes their relationship in even more, unexpected ways. Meanwhile Dawson and Joey's friend Pacey (Joshua Jackson) finds himself embroiled in a sticky situation with a pretty young teacher. Created by Kevin Williamson, DAWSON'S CREEK is filmed on location in Raleigh, Durham, and Wilmington, North Carolina. The complete series.

Not my cup of tea but may make a great gift for daughter etc......

This same item is £129.99 at Play.Com - play.com/DVD…tml


£38.95 @ Dvd.co.uk

it was £10 cheaper a month ago:?


£38.95 @ Dvd.co.uk

Yup. :thumbsup:

Plus 5% Quidco from them.

and be aware- mine from AMAZON has episodes missing!
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