Dawson's Creek: The Best of Seasons One & Two - £1 @ Poundland (IN-STORE)

Dawson's Creek: The Best of Seasons One & Two - £1 @ Poundland (IN-STORE)

Found 21st Feb 2010
IN-STORE ONLY. Next best is £5.43 at WHSmith, ASDA Online, The Hut and LoveFilm.

Dawson's Creek is, first and foremost, one of the defining shows about teen angst and complicated teenage relationships. The first two seasons were the classic ones, as Dawson oscillates in his affections between beautiful Jen and his best friend Joey and manages to fall entirely between two stools. This is a show in which indecision and failure to commit is always going to lead to nothing good, however uncertain the prospects of commitment. Michelle Williams as Jen and Katie Holmes as Joey provide the show with its emotional centre of quirky intensity. James Van Der Beek as the essentially unreliable Dawson provides good looks and a hang-dog complexity of feeling to the mix, while Joshua Jackson as his sidekick Pacey provides both reliable comic relief and a sense of more depth to come in the show's later seasons.

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Excellent show really enjoyed before it was axed real good show although i can only imagine that this DVD has only stand out episodes and for the story to make sense wouldn't you need the bits in between

Heat added regardless !
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