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Cheap Elektron Digitone eight voice polyphonic digital synthesizer - ex-display - £499 at Dawsons Free delivery
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Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
These are about £580 everywhere else new, well worth picking up at this price.
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I agree - not really for "dabblers". There have been one or two music tech posts such as Syntronic and M-Audio but like you I think they are a rare treat.


ex display with grubby finger bacteria


A rare pleasure to see music tech posted here, let alone a synth, let alone am Elektron product! It's a more reasonable price now, but the uninitiated should REALLY research what they're getting into with Elektron gear before making a purchase. Heat.


Fantastic price! Heat. (Why is it being voted down?)


Digital revolution is crucial but vinyl is final

Sterling By Music Man Sub AX4 Electric Guitar £229 Delivered @ Dawsons [Blue / Black / Red]
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Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Sterling By Music Man Sub AX4 Electric Guitar £229 Delivered @ Dawsons [Blue / Black / Red]
First off, I'd like to thank @rbz5416 Who spotted that Dawson's had the blue one at a lower price than I posted the red one at, a few days back - Here Black / Red / Blue are … Read more

That makes sense. Thanks


My son has been asking for a Floyd Rose, cheers


Difficult to tell from the images - and I'm too lazy to look it up - but the original Wolfgang had a non-recessed FR so it wasn't quite as prone to slipping out of tune. There is a learning curve with stringing these and stretching the strings is an absolute must before tightening the locking nut. If you can test it out before buying that's always the best option, though failing that it's worth hunting for user reviews rather than vendor showcase videos.


The only reason Floyd's still exist is to make you buy another guitar!


@ 14:02

Epiphone Les Paul SL electric guitar in Pacific Blue - £85.00 delivered at Dawson’s online
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Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Epiphone Les Paul SL electric guitar in Pacific Blue - £85.00 delivered at Dawson’s online
Really nice looking guitar which would be perfect for beginners or intermediate players. The most affordable 2-pickup Les Paul made to date in a stunning finish Extremely lightw… Read more
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I'm afraid people are dumb enough to think this would be a good guitar. I've dealt with people like that most of my life. Even today I was sat in Greggs and a so called deaf & dumb man came up to me and shoved a sponsorship sheet under my nose. No badge, a dodgy looking sheet and I recalled a news article about this scam so I politely told him to p off. He goes to the next table and she gets her purse out straight away. I still say a secondhand Squire Strat or even a Yahama Pacifica would be a better guitar than this at roughly the same price.


Who said anything about this being the same as a proper Epiphone Les Paul? No one in their right mind is going to think at £85 they’re going to get a “real” Les Paul - dont keep stating the obvious. Jesus. Moaning again.


looks like a toy, for that price pick up a used on Ebay, with half decent pickups and body


I'm being a realist. Common sense should tell you that some people are going to buy this guitar and think they will have a real Les Paul. That is not the case. As I pointed out, this is basically firewood. I can buy a lot more firewood for £85. Better to buy a proper Epiphone Les Paul secondhand. One with a decent body and humbuckers not single coils. This has as much in common with a proper Epiphone Les Paul as John McCririck does with fashion. Anyone with experience of guitars would tell you the same!


It costs £85 for Christ’s sake. What more would you expect? Jesus. Some people are just moaning minnies.

Vox MV50 High Gain guitar amplifier head £99 delivered at Dawsons
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Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
Vox MV50 High Gain guitar amplifier head £99 delivered at Dawsons
This is one of the Vox mini amp heads featuring the Korg NuTube, a hi-tech new vacuum tube. This is the high gain model, so it's aimed at metalheads. Other models are available to … Read more

Please Call for Availability 01925 582 420 Out of stock


What the...???? Have no idea what this means, but it sounds like something I should definitely connect my guitar to (lol)


Interesting technology deployed here - for those that care - it uses an adapted version of Vacuum floureshent displays (think 1970s pre-LED green digital alarm clock) and uses it like a conventional thermionic triode. You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but if you wait long enough, old hat becomes the new latest technology! Saying that, I don't have any use for one of these, and if I did, I'd probably "roll my own! Still voted hot though


Remember this is the head only so need a decent cab to back it up too.


Damnit missed out on this!

FG800 Yamaha solid top dreadnought guitar. Dawsons £178 delivered.
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Posted 5th FebPosted 5th Feb
FG800 Yamaha solid top dreadnought guitar. Dawsons £178 delivered.
The FG800 series are well known and well thought of workhorse guitars. A solid top for this price is fantastic. Sides and back are laminate. The M version of this guitar means it i… Read more
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Would be alright if it was from a reputable seller. Dawson’s are heinous


I can only speak for the one I got from Thomann last year and it was setup just right for my style of playing.


Not great, otherwise a very good guitar for the price.


how's the action on these out of the box?

Jim Dunlop Crybaby Mini Wah Pedal - £89 @ Dawsons Music
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Posted 29th Dec 2018Posted 29th Dec 2018
Jim Dunlop Crybaby Mini Wah Pedal - £89 @ Dawsons Music
Great price for a great pedal, mini version of the wah classic. A LITTLE LEGEND...The Jim Dunlop Crybaby Wah pedal needs no introduction being one of the most popular pedals on th… Read more

For hobbit feet

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Dr Tone analogue delay pedal £19.99+ £4.45 delivery @ Dawsons music
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Posted 26th Dec 2018Posted 26th Dec 2018
Dr Tone analogue delay pedal £19.99+ £4.45 delivery @ Dawsons music
As the title says it's a delay pedal for your electric guitar. Battery or 9v power supply powered (not included). Classic analogue delay effect in a compact and robust pedal. I… Read more
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Delay pedal? Waste of money. Just play a bit later. Heat

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Posted 22nd Mar 2018Posted 22nd Mar 2018
This is for the Allieri Viola Outfit. Ex display. Beginners Set. Comes with a spruce top, maple back and maple sides to promote the Violins naturally produced frequencies. The body… Read more
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Looks like all sold out


Beat me to a fiddle joke. :( ;)


How much are they normally?


Limited stock if ex display. But louder doesn't equal better sound either.


Time for all the viola player jokes?

Yamaha F310 Full Size Acoustic Guitar £99 free delivery @ Dawsons Music
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Posted 14th Nov 2017Posted 14th Nov 2017
Yamaha F310 Full Size Acoustic Guitar £99 free delivery @ Dawsons Music
Natural £99, tobacco +£10 Entry level guitar offering exceptional build quality and playability Dreadnought style body with a shallow body depth and shortened scale length for comf… Read more

Well the tuning pegs are holding their tune, but unless you play across the fingerboard you can’t know the neck isn’t shaped like a banana


Any decent prices for this for lefties?


I learned to play on a one of these, great instrument, very comfortable.


I'm embarrassed to say that I bought this guitar for a similar price about 4 years ago to pick up learning again and have probably only used it 3 times. However every time I walk past it in the hall way on its stand I give it a little strum and it still sounds as in tune as it did the day I bought it and tuned it. Can't say better than that!


I've got my original one I bought in 1995, and one I found a year ago on the side of the road. a good clean, buffed frets, fretboard clean and new strings, good as new agreed with above, many half price deals on gumtree or ebay if you don't mind used, some in VGC

Fender Telecaster £429 @ Dawsons
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Posted 29th Dec 2016Posted 29th Dec 2016
Fender Telecaster £429 @ Dawsons
Looking for the best guitar money can buy for under £500 - the Fender Telecaster MIM (Made in Mexico) from my research is the best you can get - this looks a cracking price for the… Read more
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Worth noting that the fender Mexico and USA factories are a stones throw away from each other (relatively speaking) just 3 hours by car, not like they are being built in China or Indonesia


Sounds like you have a different technique to most :{


I had a Mexican Tele for years, and the build quality was superb! Just a beautiful guitar and amazing sound. Eventually gave it up because it was quite heavy and gigging day after day for hours on end became a ball-ache!


True but to be fair (and in my opinion) there is a lesser chance to get a rubbish MIA one than MIM. MIM were really good in the 90s though so it's always worth to check the aftermarket!


I have a standard, an LPJ (not a junior) and an SG (which were of course Les Paul's when released) the junior gets played more than all of them. Juniors have been around since the 50's so of course it's a Les Paul Also worth noting that often "cheaper" models are structurally identical to more expensive models minus time consuming extras like binding, gloss paint etc

Roland TD15 Drum Module Dawsons In Store Price £499
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Posted 18th Apr 2016Posted 18th Apr 2016
Roland TD15 Drum Module Dawsons In Store Price £499
This may only appeal to a limited number of people. I stumbled upon this in store price in Dawsons Warrington and had it confirmed by the Liverpool store despite the online price … Read more
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Yep. Module only. The TD15 has been retired now. Been looking for a newer replacement/back up for my td10 module and you'll do well to find decent level second had Roland module for this price.


Module only right? This is not the full drum kit...


Sorry Hot


My missus would kill me if I bought a drum machine, but I'd love one.

Ogre Guitar effects pedals - Overdrive / Delay / Distortion - £89 Each delivered @ Dawsons
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Posted 10th Mar 2016Posted 10th Mar 2016
Ogre Guitar effects pedals - Overdrive / Delay / Distortion - £89 Each delivered @ Dawsons
The cheapest by a fair way at the moment. These are awesome, not because of the way they look... but they really are good quality pedals. Build quality is solid and the range of t… Read more

OGRE guitar effects on sale at Dawsons - a sweet Valentine gift idea!
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Posted 5th Feb 2016Posted 5th Feb 2016
OGRE guitar effects on sale at Dawsons - a sweet Valentine gift idea!
A really well-made and great-sounding guitar effect pedals. Several models available, normal price around £130, this is £89 including delivery. Totally rocks as a gift, girls!
ALLIERI Violin (1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full size) for beginners £25 + £4.45 delivery @ Dawsons
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Posted 14th Jan 2016Posted 14th Jan 2016
ALLIERI Violin (1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full size) for beginners £25 + £4.45 delivery @ Dawsons
Allieri VL144/ VL134/ VL112/ VL114 I have been looking for a beginners violin for my 6 year old daughter. If she was to borrow the schools violin and if any misfortune were to fa… Read more
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Got mine a few minutes ago. As you said above, its a lot of instrument for the money. I ordered extra rosin as i didnt know rosin came free with it. I cant play so I dont know how it sounds or if it keeps hold of its tune...School music teacher said to get the following book: Violin Star 1, Student's Book, with CD by Edward Huws Jones 9781860968990.


Just got mine out of the box. Comes in a pretty good case, just seems to be some canvas material with polystyrene padding on the inside but it'll hold up to a few bumps. The whole top of the case zips as well so you could probably fit some music or a small book in there. You get the case, violin, a bow, rosin and some straps so you can carry the case on your back. Unfortunately I snapped a string as I was learning that you have to push the pegs in as you turn them to tune it but I did manage to tune it using PitchLab Lite. Can't really comment on how well it holds its tune as i can't be sure i'm applying correct pressure on the pegs, but i did manage to get a reasonably pleasant sound out of the remaining strings after applying rosin to the bow. But all in all i'd say it's a lot of instrument for the money, definitely not a toy and at this price easily worth a try if you or your child aren't sure if you're going to enjoy it enough to really splash out on one. Now, to pick up some new strings. And a mute. And a fret guide. And a book...


bought for£40 few weeks back.. very good deal


Cold. it's not a Stradivarius. just kidding, have some heat. :D


A friends son was learning to play years ago. It was painful visiting when he was practicing. He ended up a part of an orchestra playing for the wives of EU leaders visiting when we had the presidency!

Bluguitar Amp 1. £399 @ Dawsons Music expired
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Posted 2nd Jan 2016Posted 2nd Jan 2016
Bluguitar Amp 1. £399 @ Dawsons Music expired
Lowest price I've found. Interest free credit available.

Hi, this deal has finished, I checked help but don't see how to mark expired? I added expired to the title meantime? Thanks.


Now showing OOS online


Thanks for posting. I’ve added the price and merchant to the title. Here’s a ‘Help’ link which gives tips and advice on thread posting.

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Posted 19th Sep 2015Posted 19th Sep 2015
looks like a nice starter bass!
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Can't say I'm too surprised with the deal being half a year old tho :)


Now £159 expired :(


Nice deal! I bought my Ibanez Ergodyne bass about 13 years ago and it plays as lovely as the day I bought it :)


You are correct :) Did my research a bit after then. Opted to buy the next model up, an Ibanez GSR200 in walnut - cheapest could find around 189 from memory, but managed to use bespoke which got me it for £163 - and should also come to an awesome price of £134 so long as I get paid the 18% quidco cashback that has tracked on it :)


I know this post is a bit old but I can guarantee the ibanez will poop all over that encore.

15% Off Epiphone Arch Top Guitars In-Store & Online Delivered Free - Dawsons
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Posted 13th Jul 2015Posted 13th Jul 2015
15% Off Epiphone Arch Top Guitars In-Store & Online Delivered Free - Dawsons
Picked up an Epiphone Dot 335 from Dawsons in Leeds yesterday as I am starting lessons in the next week or so and I have always fancied one of these guitars. The sale ticket had a … Read more
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Boasting about what gear you've bought doesn't prove your experience as a good guitarist - only an unhealthy attitude. I think it would be more just to say: "buy whatever guitar you want, as long as it aspires you to play." My relationship with my Pacifica 012 hasn't been great as my personal feeling towards the guitar is that it's a little boring and a little ugly, which did damaged my interest when starting to play.


This does remind me of a story in Guitarist magazine. Some guy had saved up for many years to finally buy a beautiful 2 grand PRS superstrat. While admiring it when he finally got it home he thought to himself..."I wish I'd learned to play the guitar before I bought this!" :D


Axes down guys, nothing like bedrocker aficionados, read some reviews, watched some experts on YT and think they know it all. Music is about FUN


I agree that it is the individuals choice and budget constraints that dictate that choice, but with the budget available the OP has made a good choice IMHO, and you will never struggle to sell a quality instument like an Epiphone for a decent price, and with a better quality guitar to start with, you will not be looking to upgrade it so soon when you do progress.


At the end of the day it's up to the individual as how much they want to spend. If, as many they decide the guitar is not for them this perticular guitar will be hard to shift and definately sell for way less than new price. If they dont want to take advice then that's fine. Maybe we'll see them on Guitar Star but I doubt it? :D

Free Taylor bar stool worth £89 when you buy a Taylor guitar from Dawsons
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Posted 22nd Mar 2015Posted 22nd Mar 2015
Free Taylor bar stool worth £89 when you buy a Taylor guitar from Dawsons
If you're thinking of buying a Taylor guitar, Dawsons are giving away a free Taylor bar stool worth £89 with selected Taylor guitars. Some competitive prices as well! Got mine from… Read more
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I would rather flight to US and buy a Taylor (600 series and above), that is still cheaper than in the UK

Redwood T-5 Guitar Combo Amplifier - 5W tube combo for £69.00 at Dawsons (was £89.00)
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Posted 25th Dec 2013Posted 25th Dec 2013
Redwood T-5 Guitar Combo Amplifier - 5W tube combo for £69.00 at Dawsons (was £89.00)
A well-rated tube combo for the previous price of the head alone. Redwood is another badge on good-quality Chinese amps, other badges are Belcat and SubZero. 5-watts 8" Celestion … Read more
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I haven't played either of these. Your spotting of the Kustom 5H on eBay probably merits a separate deal post, as it's nothing like this Redwood combo. How much would adding a cabinet with a similar speaker (e.g. Celestion 8") cost?


It's a head rather than a combo but, for the same price, this is a far better all-valve amplifier: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kustom-5H-All-Valve-5-Watt-Tube-Guitar-Amplifier-Amp-Head-Brand-New-RRP-119-/221293143697?pt=UK_MusicalInstr_Amplifiers_RL&hash=item3386196691

Redwood T5h valve amp, 5 watt Marshall clone FREE SHIPPING £69 @ Dawsons
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Posted 15th Oct 2013Posted 15th Oct 2013
Redwood T5h valve amp, 5 watt Marshall clone FREE SHIPPING £69 @ Dawsons
No idea how they are making a profit, but this is a 2 channel Plexi clone for £69. Even uses Ruby tubes instead of no name Chinese rubbish. Combo version with a celestion for £20 m… Read more
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Mods - this is still available at Dawsons - could you un-expire it?


The picture would seem to suggest just 10.


more importantly, will it djent?


does this go upto 11?