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Day trip to France inc weekends - Dover to Calais return / Dover to Dunkirk return - 1 car & up to 4 people

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Offer for those looking for a day trip to France and taking the car, with Dover to Calais return or Dover to Dunkirk return for £39. Lead price point based on same day travel on weekdays and weekends (subject to availability) up until 17th July based on 1 car and up to 4 people.

  • Book by 16 July 2024, travel by 17 July 2024
  • Spend €150 in store & receive a free day trip
  • Spend €250 in the Calais or Dunkerque Duty Free stores and get a free day trip PLUS 10% off instantly.
  • Dunkerque and Calais shops open 9:30-22:00 French time

Example - Saturday 8th June - £39 return for 4 people by car Dover to Calais Return


Duty Free

Rediscover Duty Free, now available both onboard our ships and in our shore side Duty Free Shops at Dunkerque and Calais ports. Browse the fantastic savings on alcohol, perfume and technology and enjoy savings of up to 50% versus the UK high street.

With generous allowances, you can bring back up to 18 litres of wine, 42 litres of beer and up to £390 of non-alcoholic goods when entering the UK! Treat yourself, you deserve it!

Terms and Conditions

  • Can be purchased online or via our call centre up to 24 hours before departure.
  • Cannot be purchased for same day travel.
  • Lead in price based on return day trip fare for a standard car carrying up to 4 passengers on DoverFrance routes, including ETS charge as of 1st January 2024.

  • Book by 16 July 2024, travel by 17 July 2024.
  • Prices from £39 are available throughout the week, but please note they are subject to availability.Reserved place on the booked departure.
  • Valid on all available departures 4 hours before/after initial booked departure time up to amaximum of 24 hours.Check-in at the port no later than 1 hour before departureThe ticket is valid for standard cars and motorcycles (with our without sidecar). Please see ourVehicle Types information page for size restrictions.Day Trip offer is only applicable on crossings with return on same day as outbound.

Change / cancellation
  • •Amendment / Rebooking is possible for a fee of £20 and you will need to pay the difference in fare.
  • Amendment / Rebooking must be done by telephone via our call centre no later than 1 daybefore the booked departure.
  • No cancellations allowed

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  1. Toneh's avatar
    With extra border controls now surely there's no point in a day trip, you'll spend most of the time at Dover queuing. Another Brexit benefit 😡
    smicer07's avatar
    Sunlit uplands I heard?
  2. sj_theking's avatar
    Anything good to explore on a single day trip to Calais?
    Flambo's avatar
    30-40 min down the road from Calais, in Boulonge-sur-Mer, is the best aquarium I've ever been to.
  3. Ukanderson's avatar
    How much beer can you bring back in one car with 4 people?
    LdnJon's avatar
    [from the Border Force leaflet]
    Per person:
    You are allowed to bring in the following without paying UK duty:
    4 litres of spirits or strong liqueurs (over 22% ABV (Alcohol By Volume), or 9 litres of fortified wine (such as port or sherry)...
    In addition, you may also bring back: 42 litres of beer, and 18 litres of still wine

    so 168 litres of beer for the four people (if your car axles can take it) (edited)
  4. sunnyt41's avatar
    If DFDS can run offers such as this, why does P & O pay staff as low as £2.xx an hour?? -…g8o

    Will always support companies that don't exploit their staff
  5. josephobrien2000's avatar
    This is a good deal
    I looked at brittany ferries and was quoted 495
    comanche's avatar
    Do you get to keep the boat at that price?
  6. TiscaliSurvivor's avatar
    Can you buy two - so use one to go out one day and the other to return say 2 weeks later?
  7. sirmusclealot's avatar
    Beef Brenda
    Bonedome123's avatar
  8. u664541's avatar
    Checked the price of Euro Tunnel (LeShuttle) Folkestone <> Calais and it's crazy prices...... £170+ for a day return. (edited)
    sm9690's avatar
    You didn't look very hard.....

    Loads of mid week day trip fares at that price. Plus a 'day trip' on that fare can be overnight, returning the next day.

    52769021-xGf2B.jpg (edited)
  9. seabee05's avatar
    Why is it cheaper for 1 day? Who is this benefiting? they should allow flexibility on the return. . . .
  10. DarkyR7's avatar
    £99 for a Friday to Sunday. Good pricing compared to eurotunnel
  11. AD77VK's avatar
    How many cigarettes are we allowed to bring in the UK?
    jack100's avatar
    200 I believe.
  12. jamiemdeal's avatar
    Booze cruise anyone?
  13. ciderbadger's avatar
    Can you just miss the return trip?
    mrjh's avatar
  14. RickRyder's avatar
    Great deal, especially for a visit to Neausica that's far far better than any UK aquarium, I would never ever give a penny to P&O after they shafted the workers and still do! So DFDS it is...thank you offer poster for the heads up.
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