Day Watch Tuesday October 2

Day Watch Tuesday October 2

Found 1st Oct 2007Made hot 1st Oct 2007
2 new codes for Day Watch screenings October 2nd at selected screenings



Great codes, thanks for the post!

I/family have returned 4 tickets for Gateshead on the 2nd and also for tonight.

Watched the first at the weekend and no-one enjoyed it enough to spend 2.5 hours in the cinema.

Thanks-got 2 for manchester finally!:thumbsup:


Thanks ]katrinaaust and grats on your 2nd freebie post

Thanks, just got 2 tickets for Liverpool :thumbsup:

FAB, thank you. Got two for Leeds/Bradford.


yay covent garden at last!! HOT! thanks!!

2 for Sheffield Thanks - Hot Hot Hot!

cheers, 2 for Gateshead

So is this film on for 2 and a half hrs? :w00t:

Wey Hay Secured 2 For Cardiff At Last Hot Hot Hot

I just said that, because after adverts and trailers it is normally 2 - 2.5 hours.

Thanks !

Anybody know how long they take to text the ticket back ?


2 for bham, dunno if im going tho LOL

Don't normally get any trailers with these previews, just straight to the film no messing!!


Don't normally get any trailers with these previews, just straight to the … Don't normally get any trailers with these previews, just straight to the film no messing!!

Aye very rarely any trailers with these showings. I turned up at 6:28 to the last one and the film had bloomin started without me!

Thanks for posting, voted hot....but not in my area

Saw this tonight, good film.

Wish i hadn't watched the trailer this afternoon though as it achieves one of my major film gripes, containing a scene that wasn't even in the film :roll:

Watched this tonight too and didn't think much of it. Night watch is much much better! It does seem very long too. Any way hope you guys enjoy it more than I did.

Just came back from seeing this tonight and we both thought it was a really great film!

I can see that it may not be everyones cup of tea, but if you liked Blade and can understand non-hollywood films then you could well love it to! If you got free tix for tuesdays showing then go for it!


ps have many people had no showings of previews? went to one in northampton a week or so ago and it was nearly cancelled, we would have been offered any film that night plus another pair of tickets to any film but in the end luckily it was shown anyway.

and then tonight we dropped our lads off at a neighbouring (2 mins walk away from the one we went to) cinema and their showing of The Kingdom was cancelled so they were given had two tix for any film which they gratefully used whilst there

Not a bad film really, very strange though maybe that's because i aint seen the first one!! :thumbsup:

These screenings don't normally show any adverts, I've watched Nightwatch the first film in this series and I think it's great, everyone says the sequel (this film) is even better.

The story's take more to grasp than you typical Western film (these are Russian in origin), I prefer the fight scenes to Blade and the action to the Matrix.…04/

Just to let you know - this is subtitled!
Several people walked out in the first few minutes because they obviously didnt want to READ the film
I thought it was worth sticking out though

I/We were 2 of those that walked out in first 15mins, What a load of rubbish, Didnt help as I had a bloke with a very large head right infront of me !!! Just where the sub titles were:-( Cant be helped but just my luck!

really enjoyed it...very unusual but original and entertaining.

Turned up about 10 minutes late, as my was at work wouldn't lets us in, lol.

not as good as the first one but hey free entry cant be sneezed at
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