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Verbatim 128GB Store n Go Pinstripe USB 3.0 Drive £17.49 from day2dayshop
Found 1st Nov 2016Found 1st Nov 2016
128GB - USB 3.0 - only £17.49 - great stocking filler gift at that price.
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Same to me mine wont reformat!!


Same blue color on plug but usb2 write speeds. Interface is usb3, that's how they get away with it. Anyone disembled one?


guys I bought in on sale from my memory for £15. it corrupted and I had to format it as I couldn't even get my files back with newest easeus... it has way worse speeds than regular 2.0 memory sticks. avoid!


Assuming they indicate the maximum speed - this is rather slow


USB 3.0 Speeds at 40MB/s Read and 15MB/s Write - according to:

SanDisk 128gb Ultra Fit USB 3.0 Flash Drive £22.79 @ Day2DayShop
Found 10th Apr 2016Found 10th Apr 2016
128gb SanDisk ultra fit USB drive for only £22.79. Been looking at this for a while and found it the cheapest I've ever seen it, with free delivery
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just bought the 128gb ultra fit and, as per comments on here, it does get HOT!! The drive also "disappears" i.e. it disconnects and it's obviously due to the excessive heat. The first thing I did when I plugged it into my laptop was to also connect my external WD portable drive to transfer some movies, within 5 minutes both drives kept disappearing and I never managed to fill a quarter of this drive due to the drop outs. The heat is incredible and I really don't understand how this is achieved as NONE of my other usb sticks get anywhere near this kind of heat, even when transferring files for an hour or more.... in the end I had to resort to sitting the laptop on an "ice pack" which kept the temperature normalised until the stick was filled!!! this is ridiculous, I am taking it back to PC world where no doubt they will just want to swap it for another of the same make, if that fails as miserably as this one they can keep them! no wonder its so bloody cheap! I'd really love to know (perhaps some geek who understands the tech) why this thing gets so hot when others don't.


I once dropped a soldering iron and caught it, that was hot and I was covered in blisters. This flash drive does not get as hot as that.


How do you think I heat my soldering iron?


​No not my main Os , running Android on an old O2 Joggler as a kitchen device , mainly for music. I run 3 of these devices off USB boot sticks and have only had one fail in 5 years :-)


I've gone through 3 of these, 2 crapped out and wouldnt be recognized by any computer (I used the interchangeably between a PC and MAC) and lost the last one. Im looking for a smaller one like this to be used to install windows 10 as its blazing fast via a usb3.0 key. Have you seen any good deals on an 8/16/32gb usb3.0 stick?

Boring deal!!! Microsoft keyboard and rodent £19.71 @ 7 day shop
Found 27th Jun 2015Found 27th Jun 2015
Not sure why this is a good deal but I'm sure somebody will tell me. It's a keyboard and mouse. I believe this version doesn't have the problem where typing 'Onkyo unknown brand' c… Read more

Somebody post a chilli deal it's freezing here!


I'm giving it heat just to spite the OP :D


you call 19 degrees - hot ?:))) good one:))) hot from me


Above Amazon price is excluding delivery. Keep the cold votes coming.It's hot outside


Cheaper at: Amazon (£18.84): Kikatek (£18.82):

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I-On Vortex-D mini HD Multimedia Player £20.99 at day2day shop (free delivery)
Found 18th May 2015Found 18th May 2015
The long awaited latest addition to our multimedia players family... Trust us, it's worth the wait, as we've added a unique second USB Port and a Micro SD card slot to it's design … Read more

Most certainly will, but these are more convenient and thats what you're paying for at the end of the day, its one of those wotsit thingumy gadgets, that you dont really need but you get one anyway.


Dont see the point to this - Android boxes are not much more money and will do a lot more (+ have wifi/ethernet)


not network-able no wi-fi or ethernet ....


thanks would not your laptop do this anyway


Scoobytawazara, it doesnt look like it has wireless capability, so it plays files on an attached storage device.

*** REDUCED Bear Grylls Windshield Jacket - XX Large French Navy @ day2dayshop - £1435.20 Delivered
Found 7th Oct 2014Found 7th Oct 2014
Been looking for a jacket to help keep me warm during the autumn and these high winds! For those that need a size large or even XL it will cost you £36.03 but those burly men who a… Read more
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Does this have a pocket for your hotel key card? ;)


Bear Originals Half-Zip Microfleece - Large Write a review Was: £30.36 Now: £1433.21 I think another WONGA butts in fashion world.... [img][/img]


Come on, five this guy a credit when it's due! Hot hot hot!


I wonder if they will honour this misprice ;)

Patriot 64GB USB stick only £11.99 delivered from day2dayshop
Found 27th Aug 2014Found 27th Aug 2014
Patriot 64GB Xporter Pulse USB 2.0 Flash Drive Small, stylish, and always ready to go! The Patriot Xporter Pulse delivers all you need with excellent transfer speeds and comes equ… Read more

I got two of these elsewhere for around a similar price, only thing I can say about them is they are pretty slow besides that no complaints

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Busbi 64GB SDXC Memory Card (Now: £18.99)  / Kingston 64GB Class 10 Micro SDXC Flash Card (Now: £19.99) - Day 2 Day - Free Delivery  - ENDS MIDNIGHT
Found 23rd Jun 2014Found 23rd Jun 2014 Just bought a memory card rec… Read more
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can I use this for a camera?


For anyone who prefers ordering from Memorybits they've got the same Kingston 64gb card for £19.99 also - May even be the same company?

Sandisk Encrypted USB 64GB £19.49 @ day2dayshop
Found 9th May 2014Found 9th May 2014
Seems like a good price for a decent branded USB, with encryption. Have had good experiences with Sandisk drives in the past... Lasting several years :) Afaik includes delivery, … Read more
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Bought one of these recently. Great for USB OTG!


Can some geek tell a fellow geek if this particular item can be used to make a bootable usb stick using Linux or some such? I have heard some devices are not able to be configured as a bootable thumbdrive.


TrueCrypt if you must encrypt


I have one of these USB drives that I bought to use for my car. So, hopefully my opinion will help someone decide whether it's right for them: Firstly, it didn't matter that it's USB 2 as my car stereo is also USB 2 and once it's in, it reads fast enough for the stereo. It's very small and unobtrusive, so excellent for a car stereo if you don't want it noticeable. Now, the only negative point for me is I actually find it too small. My car stereo USB port has charging capabilities and it's very difficult to grab the usb drive and pull back out. So much so that I've found it too much hassle to put it back in, just in case I want a charge - the stereo USB port is in a much better position to charge my iPhone than the cigarette lighter, when I'm using the phone for navigation. Also, one other point which is irrelevant to this drive, but may be relevant to anyone else who may think 64gb is a good size to shuffle all of their songs; I struggle to find a decent song! There's just too many. So, now I use my 8gb usb drive with a more selective song choice instead. Otherwise, it's an excellent price and I voted hot.


most likely fake or of dubious origin

Brabantia 30 Bin Liners Size L 3 x 10 Bags Per Roll £8.10 at Day2dayshop
Found 12th Dec 2013Found 12th Dec 2013
Just found out this website and like the prices and discounts. There are other sizes availables. Will comment when I receive those.
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Nor me :-o


Rubbish deal


I'm all for these but I just don't think this is a great "deal" Debenhams have a size H (slightly smaller) for £8.80 but I'm sure with some discount codes and a bit of quidco you could be beating this price. And as someone said, Amazon have them at about this price.


Cheaper on Amazon.


I know these are Brabantia but still couldn't bring myself to pay this for bin bags

Brita Fill & Go Water Filter Bottle £8.99  Day to day deal
Found 10th Dec 2013Found 10th Dec 2013
This water filters tap water to make it taste like mineral water. A fantastic deal on this water bottle for hiking or just day to day use. Perfect for holidays. A fantastic deal!

Replace these filters once a week or the Bobble filter once every 300 bottles.. ... ... Bobble every time me thinks. IMO the bobble looks nicer than this and I don't find it flimsy whatsoever - it feels quite robust, in fact.


Got one for Christmas and they're fantastic. Loads better than the ugly flimsy bobble bottles.


Not so sure about your logic! Yes tap water goes through numerous processes to purify, but mineral water doesn't and can contain many contaminants. . . . . All said, this bottle is filled with tap water!


i wanna try the bobble bottle, gonna be a new years resolution to drink more water....


Currently £10 in Tesco with the filter discs £8, bobble is better (would be even better if it was more squeezable!)

Miele GN HyClean Vacuum Dust Bags x 4 - Blue By Miele
Found 9th Dec 2013Found 9th Dec 2013
I can't believe these are so cheap!

Great price thank you, miele hovers are amazing I'd never go back to bag less


Don't know you've lived if you haven't used a Miele....Best vac out there LOL


I didnt realise that there were any vaccums with bags out there :)


Bought the 2111 for about £79 @ Very using code last year. Then sent off form to get 12 months supply of Miele vacuum bags for Free:) They sent me 6 free packs.


Good find. Gotta say miele are awesome vacuum cleaners.

Ion vortex mp4/mkv player £23.95 day2dayshop
Found 13th Oct 2013Found 13th Oct 2013
Getting this to replace my sumvision cyclone micro (1st edition) which cost more when I bought it but doesn't play Mkv or mp4. Looks decent and has uk & eu plugs so good for ho… Read more
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My sumvision plays mkv fine and works well with 3d moved. Got the latest gen micro for not much more than this


Sumvision Micro 3 is still a good device - not sure how this compares other than it is cheaper :) EliTom


even cheaper if you go via their eBay shop - £21.95 :) EliTom


Purchased this recently, bit of a mixed bag really. Its nice and small ideal for taking on holiday with selected files on a memory card. It struggles to play back high deffiles of various types and for me did not detect a 2.5 Hardrive. If you are looking for a box for the house to play back all your movies then look elsewhere, just selected files for holidays then it is great being nice and small

Maxell MXSB-252 Digital Soundbar TV Speaker for £94.99 delivered @ day2day shop
Found 11th Sep 2013Found 11th Sep 2013
Cheapest I've seen this is on Amazon at £97.99 with postage! If you use code " bar10" you will get a further 10% off £94.99 and its only £1.99 for postage giving you a total of £87… Read more
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Ordered this from a german company i-store 92 euro delivered thanks for spotting the unit will be just right under my new monitor and has a decent optical connection instead of the carp 3.5 hissing sid cable connection and the 2 year warranty is valid at any Maxcell dealer ;)


£129 RRP down to £87.48 seems reasonable enough to me? Ok, so it can be found for £99 but 10% is still an OK saving if you're after something like this.


sometimes i think half of the people on here should be on Extreme Couponing tv show


what an amazing saving!!


Interestingly it has 3 hdmi inputs and an optical input too so acts as a nice hub if you're restricted on inputs.

day today stores irn bru 2ltrs and diet 2ltrs 89p
Found 10th Dec 2012Found 10th Dec 2012
2ltr irn bru and diet irn bru 89p at day today stores

Well... it's not ceased to trade, how odd. My local corner shop/mini market has these bottles just now, fantastic bargain! HOT!


Clicked for deal and got page that says: "Thank you for visiting day2dayshop. Unfortunately the business has now ceased to trade. All orders received before the 1st September 2012 will of course be fulfilled in full. If you have an urgent query please contact and we will endeavour to deal with your enquiry at the earliest opportunity."


Not bad I suppose :)

Eneloop AA or AAA batteries 4 pack£7.99 - £6.65 per pack delivered when you buy 3 packs @ day2dayshop
Found 30th Nov 2008Found 30th Nov 2008
Use code Merry22 for 7.5% off to get this price These are fantastic LSD (low self discharge) batteries, much better than any NIMH rechargeables I have used previously Will probab… Read more

Hi,go on photography etc sites & see what peeps like best Sanyo Eneloop or Uniross Hybrio's. Cheers BOB

I ordered 3 packs of Eneloops from day2dayshop & they were delivered in 5 days - working well in the Wiimotes :thumbsup: Edit - just filled a 2 x 1gb memory cards on the digi camera, using zoom & screen on to really try out the available power & the eneloops are still working well


Who the hell are vapertech? Sounds like the sort of clones you'll find on ebay, £5.40 for 4 AA's :oops: compared to these top brand Sanyo's Eneloop. Hot Price, just need to check on the suppiler before I order. :thumbsup:


Me too:thumbsup:


I've been buying the Vapextech Instant batteries from here Cheaper with similar specs. Seem OK so far.

free delivery @ Day2dayshop
Found 23rd Sep 2008Found 23rd Sep 2008
I regularly use this site for genuine epson ink, now has free del. All products are now available with Free Delivery. You do not need to use a coupon code to redeem the discount!
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Moved out of the voucher section into deals then... Thanks.