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Posted 17 March 2023

Days Gone (PC) [Steam] £7.99 @ CDKeys

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Days Gone Steam key for cheap, which includes:
  • Base Game
  • New Game Plus
  • Survival Mode
  • Challenge Mode
  • Bike Skins

The top 3 reasons to play Days Gone on SteamBrutal encounters: With vicious gangs and hordes of Freakers roaming the land, you’ll need to make full use of a variety of customizable traps, weapons, and upgradable skills to stay alive. Don’t forget your Drifter bike, an invaluable tool in a vast land.An ever-changing environment: Jump on the saddle of Deacon’s trusty motorbike and explore a dynamic world dramatically affected by the weather, a dramatic day/night cycle and the evolving Freakers, who adjust to their surroundings – and the people in it.A compelling story: Lose yourself in a powerful tale of desperation, betrayal and regret, as Deacon St. John searches for hope after suffering a deep, personal loss. What makes us human when faced with the daily struggle for survival?

About Days Gone PC - Steam
  • Days Gone is an open-world action-adventure game set in a harsh wilderness two years after a devastating global pandemic.
  • Step into the dirt flecked shoes of former outlaw biker Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter trying to find a reason to live in a land surrounded by death. Scavenge through abandoned settlements for equipment to craft valuable items and weapons, or take your chances with other survivors trying to eke out a living through fair trade… or more violent means.
  • A striking setting: From forests and meadows, to snowy plains and desert lava fields, the Pacific Northwest is both beautiful and lethal. Explore a variety of mountains, caves, mines and small rural towns, scarred by millions of years of volcanic activity.
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  1. Skrzetu's avatar
    Great game. So unusual strory. Would love to see a sequel.
    bobogago's avatar
    the designer blamed the sequel cancellation on woke reviewers

    gamingbible.com/new…208 (edited)
  2. Somersett's avatar
    At a low enough price, the game becomes a no-brainer for fans of open-world action games. It's quality and content is excellent at a cheaper price point.

    Indeed, the game suffers from a story that doesn't know when to quit- when you think the game is coming to an end, it opens up a whole new lengthy section.

    The bike stuff is fine, the zombie stuff fine, the story fine and the world fine. None of it is truly great, but its all of a quality, and a damned sight better than recent open-world Ubisoft titles- at least it is original. The real reason is sorta flopped was because the game in development was somewhat more ambitious with multiple tribe bases in survival competition with one another. Much like Dying Light 2, this proved to be too difficult to make work, so the released game nerfed most of this, and turned it into a more straightforward narrative adventure game. The factions are still there, but in an old school way.

    The people that really liked the game seem to be those that love the story of the character you play- and that story is surprisingly deep and well fleshed out. The kind of story Hollywood was happy to tell last century, but not now.
  3. Darth-Skeletor's avatar
    this takes me to dishonored 2 dlc for 19p?
  4. Omar1980uk's avatar
    This game needs a Sequel
  5. asylbekmukhanov's avatar
    This is a great game, one of my all time favourites. It gets a lot of bad reviews for the character and the story, but u really liked it. The motorcycle riding is the most fun in a computer game I've played. It's not realistic, more arcadey but just fun. The story I agree is meh, but it's not horrible , the third act just felt unneeded or under baked
  6. mm_hugh's avatar
    Great game, very underated, good deal.
  7. OhTyler's avatar
    Couldn't get into it but there's a lot of game here for the money. Felt a little too much like an Assassins Creed game at times which I've never been a fan of.
  8. Kazloav's avatar
    Average and clunky, and any game with motor bikes just doesn't cut it, the handling, and visual wobbling is a no no, that weird visual quirk has never been improved upon since the legendary' Road Rash', from a time we didn't know any better.. Pass (edited)
  9. headworx's avatar
    Great game if you like zombie survival types. Slightly repetitive but a lot of fun
  10. iwo's avatar
    Am waiting till 4.99. Heat still added here though.
    deleted2852393's avatar
    Anonymous User
    I throw my digital games away in the bin, if I get anymore I'll send them your way ❤️
  11. Frankie77's avatar
    Buggy, frustrating, unoriginal, repetitive but satisfyingly fun. (edited)
  12. bobogago's avatar
    loved this game. pity the sequel got canned - would've liked to see where they took it after that post ending cutscene
  13. JimD's avatar
    Great game good price
  14. jameshothothot's avatar
    I'm playing this now and enjoying it
  15. shakey.jakeAeG's avatar
    Fantastic game, playing through it at the mo. Highly recommend it
  16. Twyll's avatar
    Funny how the only games I'm only ever playing on my PC now are former PS exclusives...
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