Days of Glory / Saints and Soldiers  - Blu-ray £8.37 @ THEHUT

Days of Glory / Saints and Soldiers - Blu-ray £8.37 @ THEHUT

Found 9th Mar 2011

The double pack includes two classic war films in glorious high definition -

Saints and Soldiers
A mesmerising, hallucinatory journey through the hellish landscape of war ravaged Europe, based on real life events ‘Saints and Soldiers’ tells the story of ordinary men and the mission that made them heroes.

December 1944. The German army rampages through the frozen wastes of Belgium’s Ardennes Forest.

Among the many Allied prisoners taken en route, a small band of American soldiers manages to escape. Without weapons and without food, ravaged by the cold, the men are determined to make it back to their own frontline… but as their perilous journey takes its toll, loyalties become divided and lives hang in the balance.

Days of Glory
Thrilling, spectacular and deeply moving, Days Of Glory is unlike any war film you have experienced.

1943. Although they have never set foot on French soil, four young Algerian soldiers feel it is their duty to enlist along with 130,000 other 'indigenous troops'. Their noble aim is to fight for the liberation of their 'fatherland' from the Nazi enemy ravaging Europe and the world.

The epic journey these forgotten heroes embark upon shows us the injustices they faced in the time of war, the fearless courage they displayed in the face of brutal conflict and the discrimination they encountered from the nation they helped defend.


Never seen saints and soldiers but Days of glory is a great film.

Heat added.

saints and soliders is a great film a must buy, rented it from love film not knowing anything about it

£7.79 @
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