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32 Sets of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses £12.98 delivered @ Daysoft
Found 5th Mar 2017Found 5th Mar 2017
32 Sets of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses £12.98 delivered @ Daysoft
This is not a "deal" as such, this is their normal price for a months supply of lenses. I'm only posting it because some may not have heard of them before and it hasn't been posted… Read more

feel good are cheap as are lenson esp for bulk orders vision direct also I also use too as you get free sight test and contact lenses aftercare from vision express if you buy lenses on line with them wearing toric dailies means mine cost a bit more so i shop around and stock up with whoevers cheapest


I always use Feel Good Contacts. £26 delivered for a three month supply of lenses (monthlies). Fabulous customer service and speedy delivery in the four years I've been using them. Plus, Specsavers allow a free trial of their lenses every 12 months, so I use them to check over my eyes for free. Winner!


Used to be a strong believer in these but have now moved on to a different brand. Comfort-wise they were pretty much equal to start with but I found these tended to make my eyes feel dry sooner.


​Hmmm, try getting a straight answer from them though, such as "how did you manage to release batches of lenses with incorrect pH if you conduct stringent tests?"...


the silk ones burn

1 months of contact lenses daily disposal half price £11.98 + 50p delivery @ Daysoft
Found 23rd Dec 2013Found 23rd Dec 2013
1 months of contact lenses daily disposal half price £11.98 + 50p delivery @ Daysoft
Contact lenses a months supply for 5:99 per box, daily disposables,,, think its quite a good price!!! 1 month supply daily disposables (2 boxes of 32 lenses). Check it out for your… Read more
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No Torics :(


Ive used them for a year or two now and cant fault them, very quick to post and no problems with the lenses, price is great, shame they dont offer a discount if you buy more then a month.


Use this company for my daughter and partner. Their customer service is fantastic.


I need to buy a supply for minimum 6 month is this the best place to buy? Any cheaper options?


You can't go wrong with Specsavers I think, £13 per month for monthly lenses, free aftercare, free eye test, free contact lens checkup, free solutions, and a free pair of glasses every year. They do ones for £8 and £10 a month too.

Daysoft Lenses VAT applicable after 1st April - Currently £10.48 per 64 delivered - will be £12.48 after
Found 22nd Mar 2012Found 22nd Mar 2012
Daysoft Lenses VAT applicable after 1st April - Currently £10.48 per 64 delivered - will be £12.48 after
From daysoft: Following my 22 February email we have now been advised that the UK Government has decided to remove VAT Exemption on products from the Channel Islands. Daysoft wil… Read more

i tried these recently after reading about them on this site. i usually use acuvue 'moist' which are wonderful and i can wear for 18 hours no probs at all; i just forget i am wearing lenses. the daysoft 'silk' were awful. truly awful from the moment they went in. they even scratched my corneas. but the company sent a follow up letter to check on me as a new customer and their customer service was excellent. they sent me a full refund and as well as the same lenses in a 'classic' (just saline) solution to try. I can wear these for about 10 hours and then my eyes are not quite dry but tired. i think i will keep buying them for short days as they are so cheap and keep the moist for longer days and weekends (and therefore my optician can keep an eye on my eyes, too). voted hot.


It's worth ordering 1 year's supply of 24 boxes saving £24 for orders before 1st April.


thanks i use these and its saved me ordering just after the price increase, ive not noticed the silk on offer befor ebut have changed it to the classic ones as my eyes are more sensitive lately so hoping these will help a little, ive been useing daysoft foryears and couldnt reccomend them more


That's reminded me to get my order in before the price increase, cheers


I found the opposite when i switched to Daysoft, they are fantastic and last all day without dryness or pain.......... The new silk ones seem no different to original

Day Soft Daily-Disposable Contact Lenses. £5.24 per box (32 Lenses) Delivered @ Day Soft
Found 22nd Jan 2012Found 22nd Jan 2012
Thought I would post this on the site guys. Have bought my contact lens from this company for over a year now and think they are brilliant. Previous bought dailys from Asda which w… Read more
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A littkle bit late to this but thought I would add my experience... I've been told that Daysoft are bad for you since I started using them years ago. Since I switched from monthly lenses though, I've had no problem. I would happily use the contact lenses supplied by my optician if they weren't so extortionately priced. It's not like I have a choice but to wear them - My prescription is -9/-7.5 so I can't see anything without lenses or glasses. A hearing aid is free so I don;t see why my contact lenses shouldn't be so as a result, i have to get them where I find them priced resonably. In response to how bad Daysoft are for your eyes, I don;t beleive it for a second. At my last trip to the optician (I have an annual check up), the optician conducted her tests, found that my eyes were fine and my prescription remained the same. She then noticed that I was putting Daysoft lenses in and told me that I should stop using them because they are terrible for my eyes and don;t let enought oxygen in. I told her that I find them confortable and asked her if my eyes had been damaged in any way. She said they hadn't. I suspect the real problem is that I'm not paying £30 a month to her for my lenses instead.


If you want them at this price you have to order by 31 March - the Government is adding Vat onto certain Jersey supplied goods as from 1st April so they will go up by 20%. Wish it was some sort of April fool joke but unfortunately it isn't. It still makes them a lot cheaper than other daily contact lenses though.


Ive been using these guys for 2 years now, they're brilliant, quick delivery, excellent customer service and cheap. The Founder is the inventor of daily disposables, who having sold his business was placed in a non-competing clause for 10 years or something, and now theyre back in the market. They also have tiny amounts of packaging, so theyre so easy to fit in holiday bags compared to Acuvue


They may be manufactured in the UK, but saying a lens is equivalent to every other lens is a lie. Supplying lenses without a prescription is illegal. The loophole is supplying via Jersey. I repeat - if I did what they do I would be struck off. Does that give you a clue that it's a bad idea to use their lenses? The lenses are also the first choice fit of no optometrists. You fit good, modern lenses and you don't deal with a company with no regard for the health of its customers. They're dirt cheap for a reason. You might find an optometrist who'll sign you off on them because 'the customer is always right' but I don't know any.


Used these for years. My optician (spec savers) has examined my eyes and is 100% happy that the lenses are fine and are causing no damage whatsoever. Try these but get your regular checks. It's great someone has come along with a different business model and is shaking up this market.

Daysoft disposable contact lenses £9.98 for 32 pairs @  Daysoft
Found 15th Oct 2011Found 15th Oct 2011
Daysoft disposable contact lenses £9.98 for 32 pairs @ Daysoft
The usual deal with these excellent priced contact lenses. The price is going up by 50p on 26th October so now is your opportunity to bulk order before that date.
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If you wear contact lenses you are more at risk of certain eye problems.A normal sight test is usually every 2 years, so will not be picked up during one of these.Like I said my Opticians does not charge for the check ups


Yes, or more like the opticians want to make more money. Why wouldn't a corneal ulcer be spotted during a normal eye test. Why is it not illegal in other countries to buy glasses and contact lenses without a prescription? Why is it the association of optometrists always lobby for things that will increase their profits?


no maybe it could stop you getting a corneal ulcer and loosing your vision!!!not all places charge for contact lens check ups.


Beth they get round it by supplying the lenses from the Channel islands.


For those who are saying this isn't a deal, what is a deal? I personally think the cheapest price available for an item is a deal on here. Surely the item doesn't need to be on sale or discounted to be a deal. The fact this post is making contact lens wearers aware of a cheaper way of getting their lenses is a deal in itself. The bottom line is that the post has gone over 300 degrees which means, yes, it is a deal.

1 Month Supply of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses (64) - £9.98 Delivered @ Daysoft
Found 25th Feb 2011Found 25th Feb 2011
1 Month Supply of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses (64) - £9.98 Delivered @ Daysoft
I know this deal has been posted multiple times before but they are such good value it's worth posting again for a reminder and for new members. I used to use Focus Dailies at a … Read more
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Ive just ordered some, thanks for posting!!


Just got a set for £9.99!


Just bought a months supply - was actually looking for contact lense fluid offers!


Ordered Daysoft 72's on Tuesday evening and received them this morning, so good delivery speed. I am very happy with the lenses and I showed these lenses to my optician and he said they should be fine for me to wear. However these lenses fall off the finger tip very easily, whereas my Air Optix I could hold them vertically on my finger tip and they would stay attached. No other flaws and can't really complain for the price.


You should at least try daysoft to see if you get on with them. You can order a 30 day supply on-line for £10. I don't find they dry any more than focus dailies when they are in your eye; the only difference I do notice with drying if you take them out for a couple of minutes they will dry out. But generally you leave them in for the whole day until you dispose them and a bit of water on them will wet them enough to put back in your eye if you do take them out. daysoft also stick to my eye a bit better than focus dailies so they are less inclined to fall out.

1 Month Supply of Daily Disposable Contact lenses (64) - £9.98 delivered @ Daysoft
Found 17th Nov 2010Found 17th Nov 2010
1 Month Supply of Daily Disposable Contact lenses (64) - £9.98 delivered @ Daysoft
One month supply of Daily Disposable contact lenses - £9.98 delivered @ Daysoft Just as comfortable as Acuvue, delivery is always very quick and customer service is good too. £9.… Read more
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I think I might get one month supply of these to try out for that price, as I currently pay 25/month for proclear 1days. (a brand that claims to be the de-branded version of what specsavers own brand are) However I did once try focus dailies and they burnt so much, as did a different brand specsavers tried me on once, so are these likely to do this? Am I breaking laws or anything by ordering -1.75 when my (2year-old) prescrip says -1.5 but I find -1.75 much clearer and better since i ordered some to try out 6months ago (kind of self diagnosed)


Just ordered 1 months supply to see how they are, can't believe how cheap they are for dailies.


Mine arrived, really smart little boxes fit nicely in my drawer. There is a big thing on the front about how to open the packet, but dont see what the fuss is all about its so simple. They are exactly the same as my specsavers ones. Was slightly worried as people above had mentioned the lens being thicker but they are identical, if i had my specsavers pair and these ones next to each other id have no idea which is which and they are exactlly the same comfortwise. They feel exaclty the same,in fact they felt better when i put them in because i could see clearer (My specsavers ones are monthly and towards the end of the month they seem blurry and the sight deteriorates) I love the begining of the month because i put a new pair in but i get this feeling every morning now! I've not had to bother with solutions or cleaning, im very impressed. Will see how i get on for the next week then im going to cancel my specsavers. Thanks OP you've saved me a few quid each month and no more solution! Woooo :D


Well I might give it ago, got 2 months of contacts still to use before buying anymore. I do have the correction in my spectacles which is why the Optician said to stick with what I have.


Mines arrived this morning, great as I needed them for tomorrow. Will see how I go later on with a pair.

One month supply of disposable contact lenses only £4.99 + FREE Delivery @ Daysoft!!
Found 17th Feb 2010Found 17th Feb 2010
Daily disposable contact lenses absolutly amazing quailty! i know i wear them everyday! and they are so much cheaper than the usual rip off brands!! this is the guy that invented… Read more

daughter uses these no problems, i have bought these for more than a year, 4 boxes of 32 for £20 delivered, good price, this is the same deal only worded different!


Also, be warned, they aren't the best of quality, they tear very easily, more often than not when your simply taking the lens out of the blister pack. Sometimes they've even torn whilst still on my eye.


1 month supply2 boxes of 32 lenses at £4.99/box £9.98Deliveredhow you get 1 month supply for £4.99? it only allow me to order 2 boxes for £9.98?[image missing]


I had trouble at first, so they sent me the 72 type instead. they were a lot thinner and alot more like the focus ones!! i have found these to be great!! the first lot of 72 type were free too, they sent them as a trial! so a months worth for nothing....


ditto. I tried them but had a strange feeling when looking at things close up, they were fine for long distance things... can't put my finger one what it was!! for £4.99 well worth try, could save a fortune if they work out for you.

One month supply of Daily Disposable contact lenses - £9.98 delivered @ Daysoft
Found 29th Jan 2010Found 29th Jan 2010
One month supply of Daily Disposable contact lenses - £9.98 delivered @ Daysoft
I used to use Acuvue Dailies but changed to these because of price, and I'm incredibly happy with them. Just as comfortable as Acuvue, delivery is always very quick and customer s… Read more
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Received mine today. I switched from Focus Dailies to these. After about 5 minutes of adjusting they feel exactly the same as Focus Dailies and for almost 1/3 the price! Thank you very much OP. You have saved me a considerable amount of money.


the 58s are better than my previous lenses (which cost £40/month!)


I think tesco offer free Contact lens fitting/consultation. Also Specsavers offer a free consultation and just ask for your CL prescription after.


Yup, all this getting a contect lense prescription is rubbish. As long as your eyes are normal all will be fine.


yeh i know there not too bad i just struggle abit on long sights. i know i cant wear glasses they do my head in wanted to try contacts for a while and at this price why not? should i give them a go and just put in -0.50?

Daily disposable contact lenses - 2 months supply (64 Pairs) - £19.96 delivered @ daysoft
Found 23rd Sep 2009Found 23rd Sep 2009
Daily disposable contact lenses - 2 months supply (64 Pairs) - £19.96 delivered @ daysoft
These contact lenses are really good and I use them everyday. The more you buy the cheaper they become - £13.98 for 1 months - £19.96 for 2 months. You do not have to sign a cont… Read more

Shame they dont to toric :(


Damn, I have toric lenses, so these are no good! Great price though


Nice one. Will have to dig out my prescription (or see if I can find an old box). HnR+


I too have been using Daysoft (and recommending) them for a long time now. There are more comfortable to use than the dailies provided by specsavers and much much cheaper. Customer service is excellent, i really can't recommend them enough.


brill, really cheap, thanks

Daily disposable contact lenses. 2 months supply for £19.96 delivered
Found 17th Jan 2009Found 17th Jan 2009
Daily disposable contact lenses. 2 months supply for £19.96 delivered
As the title says you're getting 2 months worth of daily disposable contact lenses for £19.96. Works out at under £10 a month which ain't bad :) Also you ain't tied in to any cont… Read more
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Looking to get daily lenses. I currently use specsavers easyvisions elite monthly one's. I have been looking at these one's and the price seems very good. On the drop down list it doesn't show the spec savers monthly ones only the daily equivlant. Does anyone know if I will have problems if I select the daily equivlant to the monthly one's I have. Thanks


Thumbs up from me on the daysoftlenses. I ordered them last tuesday and they were with me by last thursday morning. I find them more comfortable than the previous specsaver lenses that I was using (which cost about 70% more) though I think the specsavers ones were pretty basic.


Yer daysoft, they do wear out. Its all to do with the amount of natural tears your eye produces. If your eye is dry (like mine) then contacts wear out quicker, they need to be the most permeable lenses. So, if you have had trouble with lenses not lasting very long, these may not be the best for you!


Cheers, oredred 2 months to try.............


I have been using these for around a year now and they are much more comfortable than any of the other lenses I have used in almost thirty years of using contacts. Just give them a try! They have been this price since I started using them last year though, still voted hot.

2 month supply of Daily Contact Lenses: £19.96 delivered at Daysoft
Found 29th Jan 2008Found 29th Jan 2008
2 month supply of Daily Contact Lenses: £19.96 delivered at Daysoft
Daysoft have an offer on their daily contact lenses at the moment if you buy a two month supply, which is terrific when compared to other daily disposable contact lenses. I used t… Read more
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I posted a new thread on this as the offer's been made permanent but someone didn't like it and expired it ....and then it was mysteriously deleted lol So, just trying to be helpful and if bumping this helps someone get these cheaper then all's the better. Shame its not a new one as no one will see it on the front page but that just hotukdeals for ya!


just to add my tuppence worth... I switched from focus dailies - and the difference is amazing. No longer do I have dry eyes halfway through the day, the overall "fit" is far better, and the price... AWESOME! Well worth a punt!


I think this is why they offer a trial, because they're obviously not for everyone. With only two sizes it's probably going to be pot luck whether they match your eye size or not. Comfort issues will be because of eye size etc. I've used a few different type of lenses and I'm sure there's nothing inferior about the quality of these, but if they don't fit they don't fit.


To be honest, I also had some issues. These are very comfortable. Slightly larger than normal daily lenses. They are not as permiable as most tho. And eyes can get dry. Personally I would give these a miss.


I have just come to the end of my 3rd week using these lenses and I wont be buying any more. I know they are cheap - but for me they are not as comfortable as my monthly disposables. I dont know how they compare to other dailys - but there you go.

daysoft®uv contact lenses 3 months supply £19.99 delivered
Found 10th Apr 2007Found 10th Apr 2007
daysoft®uv contact lenses 3 months supply £19.99 delivered
daysoft®uv the highest specification daily disposable contact lenses. 1 month suppy £6.99 (32 lenses) 3 Months suppy £19.99 (96 lenses) Free trial available too. Order online or … Read more
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I've been using this company for about a year and posted before about them. Their customer service is excellent and delivery is always really quick, can't fault them. However the £19.99 for a 3 month supply is for one eye, it is £39.98 for a 3 month supply for both eyes.


i have been using this company for months now excellent service and lenses the people behind this company invented thats correct invented disposable contact lenses so they do know what they are doing there has been loads of threads on this company on this site and on others such as moneysavingexpert - serach and read for yourself


I have used this company before, very good service from them. But I wish they did lens for astigmatism eyes.


It is £6.99 a month per eye! so £13.98 a month for months supply of lenses for both eyes.


Just a note to say I saw this advertised in an in-flight magazine (with BMI) last month, so should be fairly reputable as their advertising budget is fairly large(?!)... if that's any kind of logic. Also I looked into ordering from them but couldn't find anywhere that stated that it was £6.99 for a months worth for two sets of lenses (ie one pack of lenses supplied for each eye). Didn't look into it in great detail, and haven't got back to doing it yet, but beware it's not such a great deal if it's £6.99 per eye for the month

3 months supply of Daysoft Contact Lenses for the price of 2!
Found 2nd Feb 2007Found 2nd Feb 2007
3 months supply of Daysoft Contact Lenses for the price of 2!
Valentine Offer - 3 months supply of contact lenses for the price of 2 months! Only £27.96 for a 3 month supply of lenses, FREE deliver and 4 day trial of your prescription lenses… Read more

Thanks for your help , I had a eye test the other day at D&A , they do a separate contact lens eye check with trial and charge £35 . Well thats what they told me ?? It looks like the older link had a contact lens voucher. Maybe I will have to wait abit.


According to the D&A site, the free eye test offer is still on. You don't pay separately for contact lense check.


Haven't heard of anyone doing free contact lens checks I'm afraid. If you live in Scotland then eye tests are free but you have to pay for the contact lens check


Great post..... Looks like the free contact lens eye lest at D & A has gone. Does anyone know where I can get one cheap or free. Thanks


Don't forget, D&A still doing free eye tests

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses - from £12.99 per month
Found 24th Jan 2007Found 24th Jan 2007
Daily Disposable Contact Lenses - from £12.99 per month
Switch & save! Acuvue, Focus Dailies, Softlens and other lens wearers do it and save up to £250 per year!! Your order is delivered free! Also includes a 4 day trial of your p… Read more

It is indeed. The minimum you can order is 3 months supply


i'm confused is the £6.99 for 1 month per eye


In Scotland eye examinations are free, but not contact lens checks or verification of contact lens prescriptions.


They won't despatch your order until they have checked the details of your prescription. However if you live in Scotland eye tests are FREE!


Don't get me wrong. I use a lot of Daysoft lenses in my practice (they're good value for money, and I can sell them at a lower price and still do better than I do with Focus Dailies). To begin with they produced a 70% water content lens that was widely uncomfortable, and certainly got mixed results. The newer lower water content lens (58%) has certainly given greater comfort - it was designed to be more comparable to Focus Dailies. As an aside, it is remarkable to note that it is cheaper for me to buy Focus Dailies from Tesco or Asda than it is for me to buy them from the manufacturer (Ciba) - go figure!