Daywatch/Nightwatch Blu-Ray (2 Discs) @ £9.75 (The Hut,Zavvi,Amazon, etc)
Daywatch/Nightwatch Blu-Ray (2 Discs) @ £9.75 (The Hut,Zavvi,Amazon, etc)

Daywatch/Nightwatch Blu-Ray (2 Discs) @ £9.75 (The Hut,Zavvi,Amazon, etc)

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Kudos to Sidneymack @ AVForums

Zavvi £9.75
SendIt.com £9.89
Asda £9.93
LoveFilm £9.93
Amazon £9.98

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never seen these films. are they in english or is it english subtitles?

Seen the 1st one. Really enjoyed! gonna go for this ! Voted Hot!


Seen the 1st one. Really enjoyed! gonna go for this ! Voted Hot!

was it in english or was it russian with english subs?

I saw it dubbed in engrish
I Imagine you will get the option on the blu-rays

the double back of these on dvd is about £8 so this is hott

great films too

Is this in the 3 for 2 at amazon?

Anyone know if these disks are region locked?

Monkey nuts 2;4797141

Is this in the 3 for 2 at amazon?

I think they are , individually. This is still a much better deal.

More importantly does it have the same subtitles as the cinema release. These were very innovative and made the film for me

Subtitled version is super cool. The chap who did these made the recent Angelina Jolie film Wanted as well - similar style. Night Watch is better than Daywatch but both well worth a watch and I would snap em up at this price!

whats so good about these subtitles? any screenshots of them etc?

No these films dont have the subtitles from the Cinema release, different ones are used.

Basically they shift with the scene - hard to explain - say for instance a door opens - as the door passes the subtitles they wipe off the screen - hope that makes sense?

Very original use of subtitle anyway..

Back up to : £33.93 now!

oh so they don't have those funky subtitles?

thats a bit of a bummer i was gonna buy this for them (and for the fact it worked out at £4.50 a blu-ray :D)

phew missed them at the hut due to watching the news but managed to get them from amazon

Is there any release that has the animated subtitles? dvd or blu-ray?

that asbda price....will it be that price in store too?

just checked asda...its £34 on the site now

these film any good?

all the prices seem to be getting changed back to around £34

just managed to order it from amazon

picked up fantastic four, fantastic four:rise of the silver surfer & hitman extreme edition in the 3for2 aswell while i was there so i got all 5 movies for £29

Great find.

Just ordered, excellent deal for a tenner (still on amazon).

heat and rep added...

amazon don't do a currys/dixons/zavvi and cancel your order once they find its a price cock up do they?

because i've noticed that they've added the daywatch & nightwatch separately into the 3for2 at £9.98 so maybe thats why its at this price & they haven't noticed yet.

anyone know when dusk watch comes out?

bagged myself this from amazon. Top spot

Great find. Ordered from Amazon. Repped.

Daywatch has one of the coolest car stunts of any film in the history of cinema...


The next film in the trilogy I believe is being made in America


amazon just canceled my order for daywatch/nightwatch

I just got the cancellation email from Amazon as well.

I'm not too happy with them at the moment, this is the second thing in as many days that had Amazon messing me about.

well i ordered the two fantastic four movies & hitman the other day (when i ordered daywatch/nightwatch)

i've just noticed that fantastic four (the first one) has gone up to £15 from the £9.98 that i ordered it at, so if they cancel that order aswell i'm gonna be well ****** off
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