Daz Powder Biological Laundry Detergent 65 Washes £4.00 @asda.com

Daz Powder Biological Laundry Detergent 65 Washes £4.00 @asda.com

Found 14th Aug 2013
excellent price for 65 washes
the 38 is £8.50 at tesco
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Excellent price!!!
Daztastic price!
Thanks ordered.

Could it be a misprice? I wanted to order for my mum too but if its going to be cancelled i would rather leave it.
This should be the hottest deal of the day! This will sell out the minute it hits the shelves. I'm going to Asda right now, but expect to see an empty shelf when i get there. What a deal! It must be a mistake.oO
Is this confirmed national?
Just ordered it along with my shopping online - will let you know if I get it and how much.
just ordered thanks op, Hot, although it does say that the price is as a guide only and may change depending on day it is picked when I placed my order fingers crossed!
Thanks, I ordered some but will they deliver it???
Has anyone found this in store?
None in ashton under lyne
Just contacted a store and the only size daz they had was a 45 wash for 8.50
Just ordered some to collect from Halifax store. No free delivery.
Just about to order online and i thought might as well pop in on the way home so i did and got 2 boxes so sure enough i cancelled my order online

Thanks op
That will be 10 packs for me. Ordered.
Just amended my order due tommorow and ordered a few boxes. Thanks
How much us delivery?
" Sorry we could nt find this page|"
I can't remember when this was ever so cheap to wash clothes! I'm off to try 'washing' for the first time X)
Ordered 5 for collection tomorrow. It'll be interesting to see if they substitute it for another product of similar size wash, should this not be available. We'll see. Can always refuse the order if they try to charge more.
Ordered some for delivery tomorrow, store nearest me is 3 miles away. I expect this will get cancelled. Voted hot...
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delivery slots are available from £2 although if you spend £75 and over its free.
ordered a couple of them for tomorrow, we'll see if they actually charge £4
fab price thanks:)
Thanks OP ordered for delivery tomorrow. ... wait to see what they send me
Ordered for delivery.:) fab find thank you

Has anyone found this in store?

I think it's only an online deal
Ordered to collect 7 for £28 tomorrow on a 'new' account so £5 cashback on quidco, so £23 overall.

£23 for for 30.94kg of washing powder! Works out at 74p/kg. MEGA HOT, if it works tomorrow *fingers crossed*
This is a promotional price and not a price mistake. Here is the proof guys. Stevenage superstore. Out of stock but ordered some online for click and collect tomorrow.

Gotta love asda being round the corner, just spotted this deal so popped there to find empty space where this should be, but a couple on a pallet waiting to be put out. Got them both, can confirm they scanned at £4. Picked up 10 packs of chewy for 70p whilst i was there! Happy days
Oo bargain!! Ordered some for click and collect, thanks!!
tomorrow my day at Asda Lancaster (which is actually in Morecambe!)

enter store, give prescription in pharmacy, collect daz, collect medication and get home and wash!
None at my local but managed to reserved 4 packs online, thanks for posting
10 ordered plus £5.55 tcb new customer sign up

Thanks a bunch OP
this is got 2 be the 2nd best deal of the year after the o2 refresh iphone 5 & samsung s4 deal
Good deal. Ordered.
None in Stafford store.
Just had phonecall saying they only have 1 in stock and if i want that to dellivered.
This is not an in store offer as far as I know, it's an online deal only, and what a deal it is
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