De Blob 2 For PS3 & Xbox 360 - £17.85 Delivered @ The Hut
De Blob 2 For PS3 & Xbox 360 - £17.85 Delivered @ The Hut

De Blob 2 For PS3 & Xbox 360 - £17.85 Delivered @ The Hut

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Decent price for this - elsewhere:-
Amazon UK £23.99
Coolshop £28.78
Zavvi £31.85
Play.com £30.99
HMV £34.99
Base.com £18.99
Game £24.99
Sendit £31.89
Laskys Entertainment £31.99
GamesBasement £34.99

The sequel to the critically acclaimed action platformer, de Blob® 2: The Underground™ continues the fight against colorless oppression in stunning high definition 3D.
Comrade Black is back and so is his war on color. Disguised as Papa Blanc, Comrade Black is rigging the city’s election and if he wins, there will be no stopping him or his brainwashing new cult from taking over Prisma City – that is, until de Blob comes back to re-ignite the color revolution!
de Blob must color his way through the enormous and polluted Prisma City that is filled with factories, ice stations, bio-domes and a massive array of underground bunker levels to match every surface level environment. To navigate the dazzling depth and complexity of Prisma City, de Blob has teamed up with a sassy robot side-kick named Pinky, who helps him to triumph in fun and co-operative ways
Key features
•Inside! Outside! Underground! Take the fight against Comrade Black into another dimension as Blob explores every nook and cranny of Prisma City. From 3D platforming to classic 2D sidescrolling, Blob won’t stop ‘til the last Inky drops!
•Nitro-charged Narrative Excitement: Step into a rich, story-driven environment as Blob and his Pinky investigate the terrible conspiracy behind the brainwashed Blancs. Refocused game structure provides a rich core story with loads of exciting side quests!
•Bigger! Faster! Stronger! New moves, new power-ups, new abilities! Join Blob in his search for inspiration and upgrade him into the Ultimate Revolutionary!
•Meet New Friends and Enemies: Comrade Black, Raydians and Graydians are back, but so is a new cast, including brainwashed Blancs and mutant Inky abominations!
•Multiplayer Play: Revolt with friends in up to a two - four player split screen mode. New co-operative modes allow players to liberate Prisma City together. Blaze away as Pinky in the story adventure and help Blob to triumph over adversity.


Back up your save often in the PS3 version, my save was corrupted twice by the game saving and freezing at the same time.

Great and underrated game.

excellent platforming game for all ages, got it last time from zavvi at same price.

Great little game, kids love it and it's not too bad for us adults to join in.

I got it instore at Tesco for £18 on the 360 yesterday. Didn't check for PS3 version.
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