De Blob 2 (Xbox 360) - £11.98 (PS3) - £12.98 (Wii) - £10.98 @ Game
De Blob 2 (Xbox 360) - £11.98 (PS3) - £12.98 (Wii) - £10.98 @ Game

De Blob 2 (Xbox 360) - £11.98 (PS3) - £12.98 (Wii) - £10.98 @ Game

Went into Strat-U-Avon (Maybird Centre) GAME for the Sly Collection [HD] deal, and De Blob 2 is the same price!! (Red Sticker)

De Blob 2 For Nintendo Wii, PS3 & Xbox 360 - £14.98 - Game (Instore)

As it's the same stickers i'd lay money on it being nationwide (as the Sly Trilogy deal appears to be)


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lol, that'll teach me, should have looked on their website first

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cheaper (except for X360) online


This has been posted a few times for PS3 but this is the cheapest yet and beats missgem's post the other day.
Ordered - hot

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now £11.98 for X360 so i've reflected this in the title


cheaper (except for X360) … cheaper (except for X360) online[url=http://www.game.co.uk/search.aspx?s=de+blob+2]http://www.game.co.uk/search.aspx?s=de+blob+2[/url]

Thanks for that, had some points I'd forgotten about, and got it for £7.98 on PS3!

Tempted, but with it being game it could end up being a load of pre owned copies they are trying to shift.


Paid £17 last week in local Tesco. Great fun and my kids love it.

Get this game, it's awesome; especially if you're a PS3 or Xbox 360 gamer as you don't see a lot of this kind of thing turning up, I'm betting the guys who made the game haven't even started getting close to making any money off this yet which sucks but most people just want FPS games these days. ¬w¬

Got the first game on release date for £17.99, but this deal is ridiculous so soon after release!

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gameplay has gone one better now..... £10.98 X360/PS3..... Shall i expire??
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