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De Cecco pasta 500g £1 @ Sainsburys

Shared by adina92
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Posted 1st Jul 2022

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Lots of varieties on sale for £1

Info added by SebK:

Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta

Traditional production methods that stay true to our over 125 years old family recipe

1. Since 1886 we have been choosing the best durum wheat produced in Italy and in the rest of the world to guarantee a pasta with unique qualities and a perfect cooking performance
2. Before being milled, our wheat must pass strict quality controls make sure we deliver on our promise
3. The semolina we use for kneading is "coarse" to preserve the gluten integrity and to guarantee a "sweeter" taste
4. We knead the semolina with cold water at a temperature lower than 15°C to ensure greater pasta firmness while cooking
5. We use rough bronze drawplates, making the dough porous to better capture the sauce
6. We let pasta dry slowly at low temperatures to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of our wheat

From father to son
Since 1886 we have been carrying on an important responsibility: our tradition of making pasta, without compromise, that we refine each single day and that allows us to bring the authentic pleasure of Italian cuisine all over the world.

  • Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta

Dietary Information
Contains Soya
Contains Wheat

Allergy Advice
May contain traces of Soya

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  1. Avatar
    What’s the difference between these and the average store brand ones.
    ^Tastes less like glue imo.

    This is the best pasta, will only buy this (& napolina spaghetti) though can understand those on a budget buying store brand.
  2. Avatar
    This is THE BEST pasta. It takes a few minutes longer than store brand, but honestly, once you've had this you won't want the store stuff.
  3. Avatar
    Just about finished the 3 dozen bags I bought last year, so time to stock up
    Given inflation and the predicted shortage of grain, I'm surprised this offer price is still £1. Well worth stocking up on.
  4. Avatar
    They use this pasta in my local Italian restaurant
  5. Avatar
    Good first deal, thanks for taking time to post @adina92
  6. Avatar
    DeCecco or Barilla are the best!
  7. Avatar
    Good pasta, sweet have some heat 🔥
  8. Avatar
    Really nice pasta
  9. Avatar
    What cost of living crisis?
  10. Avatar
    Good price only 15p more than own branded I saw today!
  11. Avatar
    Great pasta and good price, I'll be stocking up
  12. Avatar
    They are fantastic and very good price , will check out and stock up if available
  13. Avatar
    Most of us have never tasted the pasta. Just tasted the sauce and the salt in the water. Never the pasta

    £2/kg for pasta!! 82p/kg in Aldi. I realise that for many, buying at Aldi represents a decline in acceptable living standards. Choice is good. Spend, spend, spend
    We are buying lots from Aldi and never had any issues but those are superb in my view and the best in taste so emptied the shelves today
  14. Avatar
    Excellent pasta can't get it lower than a £1 a bag!
  15. Avatar
    Good deal, it's the only brand I buy!
  16. Avatar
    Still available added a few more packs to my cupboard last shop. I do taste the difference to store brand in both texture and taste. also feels more plump after boiling vs store brand. Best when it's fresh eaten right away though. I find after storing overnight it looses that texture you pay for. Probably the case for all pasta. When it's At £1 it's worth the upgrade but at original price £1.5-£2.0 I'm not sure it's worth it for me at least. (edited)