Dead By Daylight - XBOX One - Sold by Gadgysales / Fulfilled by Amazon - £15.99 Prime / £17.98 non-Prime

Dead By Daylight - XBOX One - Sold by Gadgysales / Fulfilled by Amazon - £15.99 Prime / £17.98 non-Prime

Found 11th Feb 2018
Fantastic deal for my own personal favourite XBOX game of 2017. (Yes, the PC version of 2016 is amazing too!)

Was last this price in November and lots missed out (obviously the deal is for Prime members!)

Tonnes of great DLC now too!
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Never really got this game, found it boring. It would have been better to have a single player mode to.
I don’t see how the tension and horror would work with AI.

It’s certainly more fun with friends!
Only decided to post this after a couple of friends benefitted this evening. If anyone partakes, or chooses to partake, feel free to hit me up for some HUKD surviving!
This game is rubbish. Buy my game.
Played over 200 hours on this for pc. Picked it up for xbox one on release day. Gotta say it is one of the worst ports I have ever played. Unplayable on console.
I have played over 300 hours on each. The only fault with the port was the terrible matchmaking, which has now been fixed.

Can only assume you’ve not played it recently, because that’s a hugely unfair comment.
Been playing this on PS4 non-stop since last summer. More people playing than ever. Excellent game.

There are complaints about the frame rate when playing killer compared to PC but I find it manageable and it hasn't put me off playing at all.
If you buy this be sure to also pick up the free 'Lullaby for the Dark' DLC which adds another survivor and killer.
JasonVoorhees23 h, 54 m ago

This game is rubbish. Buy my game.

Your game is broken.
deleted80034212th Feb 2018

Your game is broken.#MostBrokenGameOf2017


You clearly haven't played in ages.
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