Dead Head Fred for PSP - £9.99 BOGOF in store!

Dead Head Fred for PSP - £9.99 BOGOF in store!

Found 6th Feb 2008
My first deal so be kind!

Went into Chelmsford Game store and saw that Dead Head Fred was £9.99 AND Buy one get one free!

Cashier had to enter the promotional offer manually to make the second copy free but he said it wasn't a mistake so i assume the offer is available nationwide?

Checked and they're £24.99 BOGOF!


Welcome to the forums burstlikeabubble and well done on your first post

Pretty good game this.

Scrubs fans will like it as DHF is voiced by John C. McGinley. Interesting gothic-style story and characters, bit of a throw back to old Lucas Arts adventure games from the early 90s. Reminded me of Grim Fandango in tone.

It can get a bit confusing as to what you're supposed to do next, so you might need to check a guide (I did and I've been gaming for 15+ years).

Other that, it's pretty good. Well worth picking up for that price.
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