Dead Man Running Blu Ray £3.99

Dead Man Running Blu Ray £3.99

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Fresh out of jail and flat broke, Nick Kane (Tamer Hassan) is a desperate man with 24 hours to find £100,000.

As the recession hits the criminal world as hard as it is hitting Wall Street, notorious gangster and loan shark Mr. Thigo (Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson) arrives in London with his trusted aide Fitzroy (Ashley Walters) to make a brutal example out of one of his late payers.

Smashing his plans of going straight, Nick is given exactly 24 hours to come up with the money or face devastating consequences. As a guarantee, Thigo's men hold Nick's wheelchair-bound mum (Brenda Blethyn) hostage, leaving him no choice but to comply. Enlisting the help of his best mate, Bing (Danny Dyer), the boys embark on a frantic race against the clock; taking them from the dog tracks of East London to the underground drug scene of rural Manchester, as they try every trick and scam in the book to get the cash before it's too late...

Executive produced by football superstars Rio Ferdinand and Ashley Cole, and featuring a hot urban soundtrack with an exclusive track from 50 Cent, Dead


I used to like danny dyer, but now he is just a nob, he does the same acting over and over again his roles never change, mr hardman, yah right.. LOL
Hot price though, so have a little
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not the best of films, but not a total stinker either. its prob worth £4.
god knows why fidy cent is in it...

Is this a sequel to Dead Man Walking? X)

just bought one yeepee

got to be worth 4 english pounds..

its ok, but a bit predictable. Not a patch on London to Brighton.

rubbish movie or ok at best

I enjoyed the film. Typical danny dyer and tamer hassan, thats why I hired it and now bought it.


got to be worth 4 english pounds..

It's not.

Was about to order this then saw Dyer was in it. £4 saved! Still, if somehow you're a fan, it's a good price.

'Ere. Ah'm Danny Doiyer. Pwopa nawwwty geeza.
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