Dead Mans Shoes DVD £2.93 at HMV

Dead Mans Shoes DVD £2.93 at HMV

Found 17th Oct 2010Made hot 18th Oct 2010
Dead Mans Shoes DVD £2.93 at HMV

Two brothers, Richard and Anthony, return to their hometown. Setting up camp in the hills overlooking the town, they reminisce over their past. But Richard has not returned for the memories, he's returned for revenge...


This is an excellent film and at this price....if you havnt seen it get it!

sheer quality


Amazing film , best British film of the last 10 years, well apart from Moon.. just brilliant..

As the others have said, excellent movie. If you enkoyed it, you may also want to invest in this:

A Room for Romeo Brass

Though not quite as good as DMS, it's still an excellent, gritty British film.




Great price on this superb film. 5% quidco too.

Another vote for the film here.

Although not a fan of buying DVDs to lie gathering dust after the 1st watch, at this price its as cheap as renting it, so a bargain.

Very very underrated film.

Brilliant,, original, mesmeric, Meadows, moody, mean, bit nasty, Best British movie for me since Trainspotting

Very hot

Cracking show,one of the best revenge films ever.

In a just world, Paddy Considine would have got an Oscar nomination...and a word too for Gary Stretch who puts in a remarkable performance

I remember when gary stretch lost to eubank,hes top bananna in this film,one of the best films ive seen but not everyones cup of tea...bargain at this price...get it !
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