Dead Man's Shoes DVD (Shane Meadows) £3.09 (With Discount Voucher) + Free Delivery @ Borders

Dead Man's Shoes DVD (Shane Meadows) £3.09 (With Discount Voucher) + Free Delivery @ Borders

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Two brothers return to the home town they left years previously. Richard, the elder, is strong and purposeful. Anthony is the younger, more hesitant, keen to mimic the actions of the sibling he reveres.

As the brothers set up camp in the hills overlooking the town, the local crew of small-time drug dealers begin to question their return. One by one they are tracked down by Richard as he embarks on a terrifying quest for revenge as a brother's love sparks calculated violent retribution...

Audio commentary with director Shane Meadows, actor Paddy Considine and producer Mark Herbert
Deleted scenes and extended takes
Alternative ending
'In Shane's Shoes' documentary
'Danger Mouse' music video
Graphic novel animated sequences
'Northern Soul': a short film by Shane Meadows with music by Clayhill
Audio commentary outtakes Easter Egg (hidden feature)


good english film,a film4 production i think. little heard of,can't understand why tho

Awesome film, great find Andy! Agree with above not given the attention it well deserves.

Meadows at his best.

Great film. Very dark!

One of the best films ive seen,i had to watch it again the next day it was that good,for a low budget c4 film its excellent !

Cracking price . Shane Meadows does some great films. Paddy Considine is excellent in this.

Concur with all of the above.

Came across this by accident on film4 one night, and its one of my favourite films now.

Great film.

One of the greatest films I have EVER seen. Paddy Considine is truly outstanding.

a real love it or hate it film, Loved it!!!


a real love it or hate it film, Loved it!!!

Noooo surely you couldn't hate it if you're of an age!?! One of my top 5 for sure.

great movie

Superb Film, I've watched it soooo many times :-)

If you aint seen it your in for a treat :-D

You got a decent taste in films Wedgey :thumbsup:

Ultimate revenge thriller. Dark - but that's the way I like it.

Fantastic movie, reccomend it to anyone, especially at this price.

would reccomend, this is my fave film

Very good film and some great music as well.

I was watching RockNRolla (not bad) last week and couldn't remember where i'd seen the main guy before. He played Considine's brother in this.

My nate stuart wolfenden is film !!

Class movie, Considine is brilliant.
Great to hear he's going to be in Meadows latest movie 'King of the Gypsies' as bare knuckle fighter Bartley Gorman. Meadows seems to bring out the best in Considine.

This is one of the greatest films ever.
It's in my top 5 and possible my number 1
If you love films you NEED this film.

The Twist is second to none in it's simplicity and impact.

Paddy is scary as hell in this movie!

What's more rare is the sound track.

Buy it NOW



a real love it or hate it film, Loved it!!!

Not at all. Doubt anyone could 'hate' this film. Absolute quality.

cracking film

brilliant film.good ending!
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