Dead Rising 2 - £27.99 ps3/xbox360 @ AMAZON

Dead Rising 2 - £27.99 ps3/xbox360 @ AMAZON

Found 10th Nov 2010
Several years have passed since the Wilamette incident, and while Frank West was able to save America from a zombie apocalypse, the cause of zombification was not completely contained. This led to continued zombie outbreaks throughout the United States.


I was really looking forward to this game.. but was sorely disapointed due to all the cut scenes and load times... never continued to play it.... great idea awesome graphics and gore... pants gameply...

will be 17.99 way before christmas will wait till thn 2 get it not worth 27.99

Best price at the moment. Was waiting for this one to drop. Think im going to hold off a bit longer. As above says im expecting it to be £17.99 before christmas.

Same price at HMV.

Ahhh good old Amazon always chasing the rest of the pack:…775

Now lead the way with a nice £17.99 price point you ****

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