Dead Rising 2 for Xbox 360 £17.99 @

Dead Rising 2 for Xbox 360 £17.99 @

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The lowest price I have seen for this game. Absolutely amazing game, even better than the first. Hours of fun, deep storyline with many twists and turn and a real steal at this price

Don't miss the opportunity for this fantastic game.

Four and a half stars rating out of 26 reviews at

The sequel to the million-plus selling Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 sees the player take on the role of former Motocross champion Chuck Greene, who has come to Fortune City, America's newest gambling paradise, to compete in "Terror is Reality," a gruesome game show that dares contestants to survive zombie-filled environments for big money prizes at the delight of TV audiences around the globe. Chuck's motivation for taking part and risking life and limb is his daughter Katey, who since being bitten by a zombie requires a daily dose of Zombrex to prevent her from turning into one of the living dead. There's no denying that Zombrex works, but since it's the only drug on the market, its price is high.

During his time in Fortune City a zombie outbreak occurs and Chuck must survive the onslaught of the undead for 72 hours. Pitted against two fearsome threats - tens of thousands of zombies and the constant countdown of the clock - while potentially rescuing other survivors of the zombie apocalypse, players must also unravel the greater conspiracy behind the outbreak and as importantly find the Zombrex necessary to stop Katey from joining the ever growing zombie horde. Players will shoot, stab, carve and drive their way through enemies in order to beat the clock and survive 72hours in the darkly comedic, no holds-barred confines of Fortune City.

Dead Rising 2 will deliver more of the signature gameplay that the series is known for plus a number of new features.

Players who might need some help or simply want to share the zombie bashing fun with a friend will now be able to play in online 2-player co-op. Simply use the in-game transceiver to call for assistance at any time and once your partner has accepted, they will arrive by your side for double the action.

With hundreds of zombies on screen at any one time, the original Dead Rising forced gamers to take everyday objects they found in the Mall and use them as weapons. But now, in Dead Rising 2 with thousands of zombies filling every square inch of Fortune City, Chuck is going to need to be even more resourceful and inventive by creating combination weapons to save the day. Players will be able to take two objects, a roll of tape and with a little inventiveness create an advanced zombie-killing combo weapon - a piece of wood and a lawnmower become Portamower, the handheld mower that cuts zombies down to size in an instant; while a garden rake and car battery combine to create an electrified zombie prod. The more combo weapons a player uses, the more Prestige Points (PPs) they will gain along the way in order to level up Chuck.



Great game well woth it at this price

great game indeed, thought it would be just mindless slashing btu for some reason finding it quite tricky doing it all in the time limits etc

Got this on ps3 bit disapointed with it gud price but I'd be gutted paying full price for it

I thought this game was mind numbingly dull pointless gash personally but most people seem to like it.

Thought the demo was naff. good price tho.

Got the Zombrex edition for £24.98 at Blockbusters yesterday.


I thought this game was mind numbingly dull pointless gash personally but … I thought this game was mind numbingly dull pointless gash personally but most people seem to like it.

It's kinda meant to be pointless, after spending 90 hours playing The Witcher i'd like something to mess about on.
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