Dead Snow DVD £2.95 / BluRay £6.45 delivered @ Zavvi
Dead Snow  DVD £2.95 / BluRay £6.45 delivered @ Zavvi

Dead Snow DVD £2.95 / BluRay £6.45 delivered @ Zavvi

With a car packed full of ski equipment and enough beer to fuel their escape from everyday life eight medical students head out on their Easter vacation.

Isolated in the snowy hills the group begins to realize they came to the wrong resort, as deep in the hills lay an unthinkable evil.

Gory, disturbing and brilliant... get ready for the horror comedy of the year!


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It was ok. Nothing special despite featuring both themes of nazis and zombies - nazi zombies. Nazis have been the fall guy of modern fiction and cinema for years. Now Zombies replace them as the enemy that can be killed without remorse in PC games, etc. I can't wait for the zombie rights backlash. If zombies are still living despite being dead, presumably they have rights.

Hot price though.

love the title sounds just about right at the mo X)

Funny movie


love the title sounds just about right at the mo X)

Hmm nice piccy on your avi...just gonna enlarge it and make myself a calendar....cheers hot;)

Top Movie

Loved it. Tongue in cheek and over the top. Entertaining.

Oh and the scenery is awesome.

Billy Bargain


Def hot - loved this film!

Loved the bit where they all run over the hill. Classic.

Mad film, not the best but its probably exactly what you expect of a nazi zombie film I guess... some crazy gore here n there I seem to remember, loved the snowmobile scene!

Ordered for the mother in law.

What could go wrong; Nazi's, Zombie's?
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A pretty entertaining movie and the scene with the molotov cocktail is pure comedy genius. Couldn't stop laughing for ages after I watched it.

Already have this, but it's an amazing movie, great humour.

Perfect film for anyone that plays Call Of Duty: Zombie Mode.

probably should mention it's quite graphic at parts... pulling out internal organs etc. However I showed it to two of the most weak-stomached people in the world and they both loved the film, albeit with occasional turning away from the screen.
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I think 'The Walking Dead' has the goriest zombies ever. Makes these Nazi zombies look cuddly
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