Dead Space 2 for PC @ Gamestation

Dead Space 2 for PC @ Gamestation



Cold i'm afraid … Cold i'm afraid ...

It is now £14.99 at Amazon aswell so still HOT!

I dont really know whether I believe this is a great deal, as I played it but I got disappointed with it because I did not find it fun or scary. The creatures dont really scare you as all the monster are fighting for screen time and I disagree with whose-ever idea it was to say that you have to kill them by blowing off there arms and legs, i am pretty sure that when you cave their skulls in with a bullet spraying there brain matter across the room will kill something, so when they still run after you like a headless chicken with an anger issue does not really appeal to me. So I aint gonna rate it hot as I dont like the game and I dont think its worth £15 in my honest opinion of the game.
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