Dead Space 3 for £2.99 PC on Origin
Dead Space 3 for £2.99 PC on Origin

Dead Space 3 for £2.99 PC on Origin

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PC version of the game, Standard edition.


Nerd rage. Pic is of DS3.....must calm down.

Anyways DS1 is simply amazing. Lights off, headphones on.

If you can understand French, then get it from here for free.
origin.com/fr-…use. Heat anyway for those of us who can't.

The offer is for Dead Space 3 so you need to edit your title OP. Dead Space 1 & 2 were brilliant. Dead Space 3 should be the best of the trilogy but it can be incredibly frusrating. In the first two games you could save your game easily and it always worked. With DS3, EA opted to go with an auto-save feature which works when it feels like it. The bottom line is you can spend hours progressing successfully through the game, only to find when you next log on, that nothing was saved and you have to repeat it all over again! EA to their eternal shame never put out a proper fix for this. In the end, in order to get to the end of the game, I resorted to keeping my laptop on all the time and never exiting the game. Silly but sadly necessary...
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Best of the 3 by far, great co-op game.
My progress saved but only the levels, checkpoints half way through never but i enjoyed it, worth £3 so heat added.
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