Dead Space Extraction Wii £7.99 @ Argos

Dead Space Extraction Wii £7.99 @ Argos

Found 9th Sep 2010Made hot 9th Sep 2010
Dead Space Extraction marries the innovative motion controls of the Wii Remote with a frenetic first person perspective to create a new action-packed horror experience.

This is the story of a handful of space colonists desperately struggling to escape from a horrific infection on the Aegis VII mining colony deep in the furthest regions of space.

The game introduces a new heroine, Lexine to the fiction and as the crew fall victim to a mysterious contagion aboard the ship, it becomes clear that protecting her may be their only hope for survival.

Dead Space Extraction introduces all new characters, weapons, enemies, puzzles and co-operative multiplayer gameplay


plenty in stock near me, Fife. Just picked my copy up along with Pacific Rift

Great game this, one of the best mature titles on the Wii actually.

PS3 owners might want to hold back, as a Move compatible remake is coming free with the special edition of Dead Space 2.

Nice one.

Gonna get this and play it once I finally finish the first game.

This is a great game well worth the £8

Good game and graphics good for the wii.

Great price for a good wii game (for a change!)

great price great game esp good for they story tie in if you are a fan of the anime / first game

Great Game. Heat added.
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