Dead Space PC £4.99 @ EA Store Online

Dead Space PC £4.99 @ EA Store Online

Found 5th Feb 2011
Superb game, and with the recent release of Dead Space 2 a great opportunity to play the first game before the 2nd.

Only downside is its for a limited time and ends tomorrow (6/2/11)
Get it quick!

Engineer Isaac Clarke is sent to repair the Ishimura’s communications array, but he arrives to find a living nightmare—the ship is a floating bloodbath, the crew unspeakably mutilated and infected by an ancient alien scourge. Clarke’s repair mission becomes one of survival as he fights not just to save himself, but to return the artifact to the planet … at any cost.
Strategic dismemberment —Shear off limbs with powerful weapons as you carve a bloody path through the alien hordes. Find ways to neutralize attacking enemies effectively or they’ll keep coming at you. When ammo runs low, use telekinesis to pick up objects—even the enemies’ own arms and legs!—and fire them at anything that stands in your way.
Terror in the far reaches of space—A blood-curdling interactive horror experience features state-of-the art graphics and effects, a panic-inducing audio system, and a truly frightening atmosphere of death and despair.
Real Zero G—Battle relentless enemies and crack challenging puzzles in unprecedented zero-gravity environments that reinvent survival horror.
Uncover the horrific truth—Cut through the harrowing mystery to stop the alien onslaught. Discover the tragic story of the Ishimura’s downfall through the final, frantic logs of the ship’s hideously transformed crew.


I get "payment authorisation failed". :\

Beware the control system for this game is PANTS. After 5 minutes playing I gave up.
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