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Dead Space (Ps5/Xbox Series X) - £51.85 Delivered @ Hit

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Welcome aboard the USG Ishimura

Something has gone horribly wrong on this vast mining ship, can you survive long enough to uncover what happened?

A deeper and more immersive experience

This remake brings jaw-dropping visual fidelity, suspenseful atmospheric audio, and improvements to gameplay.

Immerse yourself in next-gen sci-fi horror

From the frighteningly detailed rooms and workspace of a slaughtered crew to the eerie artmospheric sounds of a desolate spaceship, you'll explore a stunning sci-fi setting full of unpredicatble and tense moments without interruption.

Unravel the mystery aboard the USG Ishimura

Following an expanded narrative experience, uncover the dark secrets behind the events aboard the USG Ishimura through the final logs of the ill-fated crew and your encounters with the few survivors that remain.

Improvise to survive

Confront the nightmare aboard the USG Ishimura with genre-definining strategic gameplay. Repurpose and upgrade Isaac's engineering tools to creatively defeat enemies with precision.
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    All these new PS5 /XboxX games are comical
    Just looked at release list for games coming out over next 6months and it's shocking. Slim pickings for sure...
  2. Avatar
    £55 for a remake
  3. Avatar
    This game will drop in price quickly
  4. Avatar
    Think holding off was best idea £65 at release is robbery I don't care how much I loved the original lol
    Same. Not even gonna go for £38 on the PC. Maybe when it's under £30
  5. Avatar
    Probably be £25-30 within 6 months if you can wait.
    Like everything that isn't made by Nintendo or Sony then?
  6. Avatar
    Some interesting comments in here. Apparently a lot of work has gone into improvements throughout so although I wouldn't agree with the RRP on release I don't think people expecting a ~£30 price point are being reasonable.
    It's 90% the same game just with shinier graphics. People aren't being unreasonable at all.
  7. Avatar
    Holding on for £15-20 mark on PC. This is a lot of money for a remake but there’s no denying that Dead Space is an extremely good game!
  8. Avatar
    Got this on release day for the same price. Its great and well worth it in my opinion.
  9. Avatar
    Paid £47 via eBay code and loving it so far. Plan to complete then sell to cex for most my cash back
    same lol but ebay for me
  10. Avatar
    Looking forward to this. I'll wait a while and not pay anything like this though
  11. Avatar
    Loved the original triology on PS3, 100% completed them. One of the very few games I can replay and not instantly get bored.

    I will be holding off on this one though until it gets a few patches. Load times are inexplicably longer on PS5 than Xbox and PC, and the optimisation seems a bit off. A 4090 struggles to maintain 4K60...
  12. Avatar
    Great game, price is a joke. I personally wouldn't pay this price for any ps5 game, nevermind a reskin.
  13. Avatar
    Joke of a price!
  14. Avatar
    The first 720P PS5 game!?
  15. Avatar
    I'll wait for it to hit EA play in a year, my backlog will get me there easily
  16. Avatar
    Amazon is 10p more expensive but you'll get it faster.
    Support smaller businesses
  17. Avatar
    Does anyone actually think this is a reasonable price
    Yes, never played the original so the fact it's a remake doesn't bother me. Nearly finished it after 20 hours so under £3 an hour is good value if you ask me. Of course you can wait for it to drop and get more value for money but its personal choice
  18. Avatar
    Just finished it, CEX offering £39. So £16 for me was a bargin
    That's quite the expensive rental. Could have easily got an extra tenner by selling on ebay.
  19. Avatar
    I bought the original on PS3 and never played it! Bought this yesterday from Amazon (didn't see this deal) so it's like a brand new game. Only played about an hour or so far and I've already needed to change my underwear three times!

    Great game so far. Heat from me.
  20. Avatar
    Cold. Not at this price. Not for a remaster.
  21. Avatar
    £30 maximum I'll bite on this

    Having done Callisto Protocol recently, my appetite for space horror games is satisfied for now (edited)
  22. Avatar
    Seem rather expensive tbh maybe £39.99 would be a better price but I’ll wait a few months and pick it up for £20 :-)
  23. Avatar
    £51.85 for a reskin of an ok game from the olden days?
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