Dead Space [Xbox 360] £9.93 + Free Delivery @ The Hut
Dead Space [Xbox 360] £9.93 + Free Delivery @ The Hut

Dead Space [Xbox 360] £9.93 + Free Delivery @ The Hut

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£9.95 @ Zavvi, £12.99+


I love this game. Playing it just now. Best low price game after Uncharted. IMO.


it wa s awsome game
definatly get it at this price

it is a great game and a steal at this price - especially delivered
I picked up a copy of it yesterday in WH Smiths for £9 - they also had some other good 360 and PS3 titles for £9 - £14. Didn't post it as a deal as the stock is probably all store specific as my branch is stopping stocking all 360 and PS3 titles to concentrate on the Wii and DS.

Top game and this is a top price. I'm playing the Impossible mode at the moment.

love this game.. one of my favs... just got upto chapter 10...

fell off shelf the other night and bottom plastic holder for disc in case broke DOOhHHH!.. just wish I could find official replacement cases.
as my left 4 dead went with it as well and the exact same piece broke off!.

Quidco from the Hut as well

just ordered this


I really enjoyed this game. well worth it.

Ordered thanks:thumbsup:

Great game and great pice. Heat.

I was gonna order this from Zavvi through the week then it went back upto £15 so i bought a used copy off e-bay for £10... it then went back down in price on Zavvi :roll:.

Been playing it like mad last night and this morning, absolute quality game.
Such atmospheric sound through my DTS amp and Looks amazing on a 2.5m screen through my HD projector.

It one of the few games that i dont think id have felt ripped off if id paid £40 for it.

heard great things about this but never got round to trying it so worth a pop for a tenner!

Probably my favourite game of 2008! Loved it from start to finish! Which is more than I can say for Resi 5......


good price when i get ps3 i maybe will buy it for that


good price when i get ps3 i maybe will buy it for that

I've just Platinum'd this (in the last five minutes). Played through 3 and 1/2 times, and I'm now officially done with Dead Space.

Just ordered thanks:thumbsup:

This a superb awesome scary, frightening game. If you heart is up to the scares this is definitely worth playing

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Still in-stock @ £9.93.
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