Dead Space XBOX 360 only £24.99 @ Gamestation Instore

Dead Space XBOX 360 only £24.99 @ Gamestation Instore

Found 24th Nov 2008
Just popped into my local Gamestation today and picked up Dead Space for the special purchase price of just £24.99. Shows £39.99 on the website and most other shops too.

Game Description

The immense city sized mining Spacecraft, the USG Ishimura is no longer communicating, it's possible they are simply having communication problems, however this is simply not the way of things in the survival horror genre. It's something much, much more terrifying than a simple downed transmitter. Something unhuman now inhabits the passageways and possibly the crew of the floating deep space leviathan. Dead Space is the culmination of EA's long time desire to break into the Survival Horror genre, a stunning blend of visceral visuals and gut wrenching storytelling. As Isaac Clarke you are charged with walking the corridors of the Ishimura to find out what happened and repair the damaged Mining ship, that has inadvertently awoken an evil unlike any known on earth. Dead Space features a completely HUD free playing screen, for those not down with the lingo that means, there are no dials, energy bars, ammo counters etc. Everything you need to know is in the playing screen to give you a more responsive playing experience.


Where is your store? I just called my local store in Falkirk and they said they are still £39.99 and £34.99 preowned :-( Lucky you that's a great deal! :thumbsup:
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