Dead Space Xbox360 £22.60 @ PC World

Dead Space Xbox360 £22.60 @ PC World

Found 8th Feb 2009
Just got back from PC World, Plymouth with Dead Space on the 360 for a bargain price of £22.60!!!

They price matched's price of £24.99 and then knocked off 10%.

No idea how to post images as this is my first deal...
If someone lets me know I can post the receipt as proof!



Don't be surprised if they don't honour it as their price promise only covers stores within 30 miles and not online retailers anymore.

Game of chance.
PC World Price Promise

Bad deal. My local PC World has 4 copies of this game on the shelf for £20. I'd buy them all myself to sell on but there's very little profit to be gained. The store in question is Chatham, Kent. I've been there 10 times over the last 6 weeks to check on the latest stock and this is the last of the XBOX360 sale games.
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