DEAD TO RIGHTS: RETRIBUTION £11.00 Delivered @ Tesco Ent [PS3/360]

DEAD TO RIGHTS: RETRIBUTION £11.00 Delivered @ Tesco Ent [PS3/360]

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Jack Slate dispenses his own brand of violent justice across Grant City in this third-person shooter inspired by Hong Kong action cinema’s best.

Once one of the world’s cultural and financial centres, Grant City has now fallen into chaos and is ruled by widespread criminal factions. Taking a stand against the city’s worst in the hopes of returning it to its former glory, Jack Slate and his faithful canine companion, Shadow, must take the fight to the streets with a mix of a gunplay and hand-to-hand combat.

While crossing the dark streets of Grant City, brutal disarms allow players to take their enemy’s weapon to use against them. A slick cover system lets players spray bullets while protected by their surroundings and slowly work their way towards opponents for close-quarter kills. As well as more brutal combat with Jack, players can take control of Shadow and use his animal instincts to stay out of sight and perform vicious attacks.

Dead to Rights - Retribution revels in its over-the-top battles and brutal violence, providing one of the most varied and robust combat systems seen in the series.


Excellent game!, well worth £11.

Heat added for the price. Game is mediocre however.

is the game any good?...


is the game any good?...

Critically it got slated. Jack Slated

£15 now..... Shame I 've been waiting for this to hit a reasonable price... c:(
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is the game any good?...

Better than the likes of over hyped games like Reach IMO. Very entertaining game with frequently changing gameplay which keeps it interesting and fun.
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