Dead to Rights - Retribution (Xbox 360) £12.99 @ choicesuk.com
Dead to Rights - Retribution (Xbox 360) £12.99 @ choicesuk.com

Dead to Rights - Retribution (Xbox 360) £12.99 @ choicesuk.com

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"One man and his dog. For video gamers of some history this does not bring to mind images of sheep herding in Barnet or anywhere else for that matter. These few words evoke the Dead to Rights franchise of action games. Yes, Dead to Rights: Retribution is a reboot for the Xbox 360 and PS3 that sees former vice-cop Jack Slate and his canine sidekick, Shadow, jump into the fray. Slate and Shadow are faced not only with the noirish, criminally infested and morally hideous environment of Grant City rendered by developers Volatile Games. Their task is a simple one, keep themselves alive while ridding the city of bad-doers. The key to Dead to Rights has always been the interaction between Slate and Shadow. Basically this means that the player gets to play (and destroy) with the both the man and the hound. In the newly rebooted version, Namco Bandai and Volatile have also introduced what they are calling a 'new hybrid combat system'. What could this mean? Simply, it means that the player can combine both third-person ranged weaponry with hand-to-hand combat, while also making use of Shadow's improved AI. In short, players will be able to use their guns to shoot enemies from a distance, take cover, blind fire, take human shields, steal enemies' weapons and also use Shadow in some mean take-down moves. Although there is something of a plot (clean up the city) by fighting the forces of the mysterious and most probably very evil indeed GAC organisation - the key to this game is teamwork. The next key to this game is kicking some bad-guy-behind with maximum impact."

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