Deadly Creatures Wii £19.97 @Sainsbury instore

Deadly Creatures Wii £19.97 @Sainsbury instore

Found 23rd Feb 2009 selling at £24.99

Game's Special Features:-

* Play as 3 different ruthless predators - Desert Tarantula, Giant Scorpion or Diamondback Rattlesnake
* Unique Wii-based control scheme truly makes you feel like a Deadly Creature as you hunt, stalk, attack and explore
* Explore dynamic, diverse and dangerous game worlds from each creature's unique perspective
* Each creature's imaginative adventure combines the epic, cinematic thrill of fantasy/action movies with the immersive wonder of adventure games
* Each creature's Sensory Mode lets you see the world - and your prey - as you never have before
* Multiplayer mayhem! Team up with your friends to take on armies of ferocious creatures!


Gah!! A search for deadly creatures shows that this has already been posted..... it was second on the results page!!

Oh.. and there's no multiplayer in this game.

I've not seen a better price!
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