Deadly Premonition XBOX 360 @ TheHut - £12.93 (Daily Deal)
Deadly Premonition XBOX 360 @ TheHut - £12.93 (Daily Deal)

Deadly Premonition XBOX 360 @ TheHut - £12.93 (Daily Deal)

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Was looking around for this and stumbled upon the daily deal on TheHut for £12.93 - think it's the cheapest it has been and seems to be going for more on a certain auction site

Plus Quidco and if you still have Walkers codes, cheaper still.

It seems to be approaching cult status - so get it while you can (then again it may not )

Blurb as follows:-

Release Date: 29 October 2010


Deadly Premonition follows the adventures of Special Agent Francis York Morgan sent to the fictional Pacific Northwest town of Greenvale to investigate the brutal murder of a young local beauty. Amidst the backdrop of soaring mountains and a town filled with eccentric natives, Agent Morgan must solve the mystery of the Red Seed Murders and stay alive in a place where supernatural creatures and a legendary folklore killer seek to end his investigation permanently.


I bought this for £18 in Jan sales. Not a bad little game at all! Worth £13. Its a bit retro sort of like a dream cast game.

sounds intresting and for £13 seems ok voted hot

Don't forget a pound off too with 1OFFXPC

Sitting on the borderline, ive heard very good and very bad things about this game anyone really recommend it?

As a game i cant exactly recommend it, but as an experience....damn!

If you dont give it a go at least watch the endurance run of it on giantbomb.com

I'm sure this is £12.99 in Gamestation, but preowned.

Still yet to buy this, good deal =]

Not tried this yet and heard mixed reviews, particularly on Amazon, but willing to give it a go at that price.

I heard this game is epic, I can't really see any aspects I would like about it but I might give it a go anyway. Thanks!

Go to Giantbomb and watch it instead.

It is a terrible game, but a fun experience.

luckily i downloaded it so cost me 35p for the disc,,,i was robbed!!! lol if you want an experiece get dead space 2 its great,
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Awesome game but really not suited to the ADHD generation of CoD players.
Needs real time to be invested in it.

Also to the guy who downloaded it, i hope your console dies in a fire.

Just read some customer reviews on this game on Amazon. To sum it up it seems that it's absolute **** regarding visuals, music and game mechanics, yet the narrative and 'gaming experience' are so good that none of that matters! Sounds kinda crazy, but I wanna play it to make my own mind up.

This is a brilliant game. I recently played through this and Alan Wake. Alan Wake is so dull by comparison. And for this price its a steal.

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Back up to £15.85 - so expired
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