Deadwood - Complete Seasons 1 - 3 [Box Set] £26.04 delivered @ Lovefilm

Deadwood - Complete Seasons 1 - 3 [Box Set] £26.04 delivered @ Lovefilm

Found 2nd Nov 2009
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Season 1:

01. Deadwood.
02. Deep Water
03. Reconnoitering The Rim.
04. Here Was A Man.
05. The Trial Of Jack McCall.
06. Plague.
07. Bullock Returns To The Camp.
08. Suffer The Little Children.
09. Non Other Sons Or Daughters.
10. Mister Wu.
11. Jewel's Boot Is Made For Walking.

Season 2:

01. A Lie Agreed Upon Part I.
02. A Lie Agreed Upon Part II.
03. New Money.
04. Requiem For A Gleet.
05. Complications (Formerly "Difficulties").
06. Something Very Expensive.
07. E.B Was Left Out.
08. Childish Things.
09. Amalgamation And Capital.
10. Advances None Miraculous.
11. The Whores Can Come.
12. Boy-The-Earth-Talks-To.

Season 3:

01. Tell Your God To Ready For Blood.
02. I Am Not The Fine Man You Take Me For.
03. True Colors.
04. Full Faith And Credit.
05. A Two-Headed Beast.
06. A Rich Friend.
07. Unauthorized Cinnamon.
08. Leviathan Smiles.
09. Amateur Night.
10. A Constant Throb.
11. The Catbird Seat.
12. Tell Him Something Pretty.
Special Features


This is PROPER TELLY! :thumbsup:

so very very good :w00t:

By far the best series HBO have ever made. You will never look at those old re runs of Lovejoy in the same way again.:thumbsup:

I wish McShane's acting, star profile and choice of projects had developed into something this great sooner in his career and that he continues to be that good despite his advancing years.

Thankyou!! just ordered :thumbsup:
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