Deadwood Complete Seasons 1 - 3 @ The Hut £24.93 + Quidco

Deadwood Complete Seasons 1 - 3 @ The Hut £24.93 + Quidco

Found 7th Dec 2009
HBO delivers another stunning, evocative drama in Deadwood. The channel has an impressive reputation when it comes to producing edge-of-your-seat television (The Sopranos, Six Feet Under), and Deadwood follows neatly in that tradition. Set in 1876, the story unfolds just two weeks after the defeat of Custer at Little Big Horn. The grim and unsentimental series revolves around the outlaws, miscreants, and murderers in the frontier gold-rush town of Deadwood in the Dakota Territory. Seth Bullock, a former Montana sheriff, and his buddy Sol Star arrive in town to set up a hardware store; soon, they're crossing paths with such legendary Western figures as Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. Reaping the benefits of the lawless, merciless world is Al Swearengen, the saloon and brothel owner. Presented here is the shows first, second, and third series.

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Brilliant price for this. (Not one for those who don't like bad language/behaviour.)
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