Deal or No Deal pc £1.99 @shopto
Deal or No Deal pc £1.99 @shopto

Deal or No Deal pc £1.99 @shopto

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Deal or No Deal

Have you ever wondered how you'd fare in the crazy chair? Well this is your chance to take the walk of wealth on your PC!

Join host, Noel Edmonds in the Dream Factory and experience nail-biting gameplay that's identical to the TV show. In an exciting new twist you can also compete against friends and family to see who wins the most money. With 22 identical boxes and a quarter of a million pounds at stake, you'll be desperate to have "just one more go." Especially as every player's performance is recorded for posterity on the Deal or No Deal leaderboard!

Feeling devious? Then you'll enjoy playing as The Banker and tempting contestants into accepting the lowest offer possible. There are six game modes, including the Forfeit Game where you can customise the prizes, and the Cash Game which lets you play against friends and family for smaller amounts.

It's your show. It's your game. Will you make the right deal at the right time, or will you walk away with 1p?

6 Distinct Game Modes:

Normal Game - The Deal or No Deal PC game is identical to the award-winning TV show, allowing you to test your wits against The Banker. Join your host Noel Edmonds as you sit in the crazy chair and play for big money.

Multiplayer Game - Up to 4 players can play in the Dream Factory, adding an exciting new twist to the game. Will you make a deal with The Banker before your opponents do, or will you play on in the hope of winning the biggest sum of money?

Banker vs. Human - Now you can be The Banker! Will you make big money offers or will you be even meaner than the real thing? You decide, as you force your friends and family into making agonising decisions.

Banker vs. PC - Experience life from the other end of Noel's telephone! Play as The Banker and try to make the computer contestant accept the lowest offer possible. This game mode is guaranteed to bring out the Scrooge in you.

Cash Game - Play against your friends and family for smaller amounts of money. Boxes can be edited to contain as much, or as little, as you like. But rest assured, it will be just as difficult to win the big prize.

Forfeit Game - Customise your game by picking the prizes that players can win. Finish the game with a power box and you will earn the right to be pampered. But watch out - end up with a blue box and you could find yourself arranging all of your partner's music CDs in alphabetical order!


no deal - lmao


no deal - lmao


Cold - NO DEAL!

KEEP WELL AWAY :thumbsup:

Anyone else want to help line Edmond's pockets?!

for £2 it seems ok for a punt ...

I got this on DS for my mum

after playing it a few times, the game seemed to be stuck in a loop, giving the same amount of money to the same box
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