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Ipad Mini 64gb (non retina) £279 @ dealcloud
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Posted 18th May 2014Posted 18th May 2014
Ipad Mini 64gb (non retina) £279 @ dealcloud£279
Just see this on my emails from dealcloud and thought it was pretty good. Apple ipad 64gb £279 with free delivery. Delivery is up to 21 days though so not suitable for anyone in … Read more

Good deal, no reason to be cold. Heat added

Miracast streaming media player for all Android devices £19.99 plus £4,95 P&P @ Dealcloud
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Posted 14th May 2014Posted 14th May 2014
Miracast streaming media player for all Android devices £19.99 plus £4,95 P&P @ Dealcloud£24.94
33% off RRP seems like a good deal. Easily share your videos, images, games, documents and music on a large screen All-in-one device projects straight onto your large HD TV … all… Read more
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As per similar to that of my own above Post ..... thanx.


Funny you should say that? .. from my own past Research over the last couple of Months of these various Android & Non-Android Media Streaming Devices (of which Chromecast was one of them) .. it made me kinda curious over them all again when I just ran down through these Posts just now. From my understanding of how i'm Reading the OP's Deal over that of HUKD Forum Comments just now is this .. Chromecast is specifically Google Branded for a reason (eg. it uses Google's own Priority Chrome O/S, & Chrome Web Browser in their Chrome Cast Devices?) .. this above OP Deal on the otherhand however, uses the less then Priority (Open-Sourced nature) Android O/S? (both of which are NOT the same Animal? .. Android has been around for a couple if Moons longer then its Chrome Cast equivalent (despite them coming from the same 'Stable'?), so as such Android has heaps more Support from both a Developmental point of view from that of Software Developers + Support from that if Google themselves by way of their constantly maturing Android O/S via Software Updates, etc? (all of which as yet Chrome Cast does not have? .. for now?) .. if that is the case, then in my personal oppinion as of how Today (& not Tomorrow) stands, Chrome Cast can't even hope to compete on the same level? (yet?) .. i'm assuming as to why others here on HUKD who have tried Chrome-like Sticks faired better with their's (massive Vendor + Third-Party Support) then those who specifically Chrome casted with that of Googles own? (now maturing Vendor Support + not quite yet Third-Party Support either?), & blah, blah, blah? ..... lol. I'm just guessing/ussuming as to the reasons as to why this is the case? .. though I could ofcourse be horribly wrong ..... i'm yet to have that certain 'Googliness'? (a Word taken from last Years classic Movie called The Intern, based loosly on the Google Story .. the Movie is not Rocket Science, but for some light-hearted humour on Google stuffs? .. for some, this may be worth Watching?) lol. :-) I hope if nothing else .. this at least allows 1 or 2 on here with their own thoughts/decisions/purchases, etc, etc? lol. Thanx. :-)


This does more than Chromecast if you have a Miracast enabled phone or tablet, it will mirror whatever you do, not just play media. Chromecast and Miracast are NOT the same thing, do some research and you'll see.


you may need to download an app such as avia media player to send films or photos to tv


its a galaxy s3

MacBook Pro Retina Display 13" £899 @ dealcloud
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Posted 5th May 2014Posted 5th May 2014
MacBook Pro Retina Display 13" £899 @ dealcloud£899
18% off RRP Seems like a nice deal. MacBook doesn't need much introduction. Specs can be looked up on the apple site. Supplied with an Apple 2 pin plug and a non-Apple UK plug … Read more
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20gb is used by the op system ... HTH


How much space does the OS take up? Having only 128gb to start with can't leave much space?


Linux master race.


cool story bro


NP, hopefully it helps your issue, does sound Like eye strain. I sometimes suffer aswell unfortunately :( as I like my late night movie marathons and their so much better with the lights off.

Game designer course £49 @ Dealcloud
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Posted 28th Apr 2014Posted 28th Apr 2014
Game designer course £49 @ Dealcloud£49
£49 for an online All-Platform Game Designer Course (no prior coding experience necessary) Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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S Do exactly this. There's entire communities out there to help and encourage people to learn this stuff, for free. Avoid scams like this "deal"


It is Unity based, so I'd ignore this and use the resources at Or Youtube, or there must be a ton of guides and tutorial online.


Any experience with it?

Macbook Pro with £200 off - Now £799 delivered @ Dealcloud
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Posted 10th Mar 2014Posted 10th Mar 2014
Macbook Pro with £200 off - Now £799 delivered @ Dealcloud£799
Latest edition of the Macbook Pro (Non Retina Display) available for £799 with free delivery to the UK. That's £200 off and almost £100 better than the best deal on Amazon! ------… Read more

Screen is poor (1280x800) Slow hdd Only 4gb Ram Ivy bridge I5 dual core It's good in the sense that it is cheaper than elsewhere, but the specifications are really poor for the money. Similar specced windows comp with newer haswell version of the same processor for almost half the price:π=AC_SX110_SY165 You can even get a 13.3 inch haswell macbook air with a SSD cheaper than this on amazon.


Screen is poor (1280x800) Slow hdd Only 4gb Ram Ivy bridge I5 dual core It's good in the sense that it is cheaper than elsewhere, but the specifications are really poor for the money. Similar specced windows comp with newer haswell version of the same processor for almost half the price:π=AC_SX110_SY165 You can even get a 13.3 inch haswell macbook air with a SSD cheaper than this on amazon.


Not really fair is it? I work in IT so could get VAT off a laptop, so the £999 Dell (AdmV0rl0n linked) becomes a £800 machine making it £300 cheaper. Point is don't compare exclusive discounts to full retail price. That being said Apple laptops are alright value these days, most of my family run MacBooks and they swear by them. To some people the extra 20% is worth it for the ease of use.


The PC in your link is a refurb, so you're not comparing like-with-like. A new XPS 13 direct from Dell costs £999 with a one-year warranty.


You miss the fact that there are plenty of people who PREFER Apple devices - maybe for usability, for the software tools that aren't available on PC, or maybe just because they are easier to use - open box, turn on, do stuff.

two night Family Break at Pontins Holiday Parks £49 @ dealcloud
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Posted 3rd Feb 2014Posted 3rd Feb 2014
two night Family Break at Pontins Holiday Parks £49 @ dealcloud£49
Highlights Squeeze in a spring break trip for up to 4 people and save 78% Choose between Southport, Brean, Camber and Prestatyn, UK Holiday Resorts Get away with the family at P… Read more

SunshineStacey do u mind me asking which ones you've visited? I'm deciding between there and Haven and haven't been to a Pontins for 3 or 4 years. Oh and for everyone else who slates it, I work and hubby works but we can't all afford 5*


I am never wrong darling.


Your wrong.


Well said Sofia. I totally agree with you. Sunshine Tracy seems to have taken it personally for some unknown reason. Maybe you hit a raw nerve from her past. That is not your fault. You are 100% correct in what you say these places are full of scum. Chavs/neds, dossers and social security scrounges stinking of BO. They probably even got the social security to pay for the holiday. Lol. I am with you on this one and think I will give this deal a miss.


i have to be honest i took my kids to one in Southport and there was a lot of people there to get wasted and let their kids run riot but it left all the kids paying things empty like rock climbing and fencing also the beach was beautiful life is what you make it

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£339 for an iPad Air 16GB worth £399 with free delivery @ Sydney Trading Inc / Dealcloud
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Posted 23rd Jan 2014Posted 23rd Jan 2014
£339 for an iPad Air 16GB worth £399 with free delivery @ Sydney Trading Inc / Dealcloud£339.99
£339 for an iPad Air 16GB worth £399 with free delivery. Seems quite a good deal for someone who is looking to buy one. Supplied with official Apple 2-pin plug. A non-Apple UK 3… Read more
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That's good that you got it then.


Yes, my iPad Air has now been received & it is great. It was eventually delivered by courier UPS, as Fedex were having delivery problems with terrible weather conditions at the time. Full marks to Deacloud, & especially to their very helpful contact person, Andy Nelson, at their Bristol call-centre. Highly recommended purchase & trading company. Thank you.


Did you eventually get it?


Have orderred one of these iPad Air tablets from Dealcloud at £339.00, hoping to save £60.00. Problem is that I have received several e-mail updates saying its on its way !!! On 4th Feb e-mail said Fedex tracking number would be given to me by close of play on 5th. It's now the 8th Feb @ 18.42. Still no Fedex tracking code or delivery. Has anyone orderred this iPad Air, & actually received it yes...? Please report. Thanks


Has anybody purchased one as yet?

Discount on iPhone 5C and iPad Mini - Dealcloud / fulfilled by Go Fulfilment Ltd - delivery £9.99
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Posted 31st Oct 2013Posted 31st Oct 2013
Discount on iPhone 5C and iPad Mini - Dealcloud / fulfilled by Go Fulfilment Ltd - delivery £9.99£229
Get an iPad mini and iPhone 5C on discounted price of 8% and 11% respectively ... iPad mini 16GB WiFi - £229 (8% off)… Read more

I bought few products from them couple of weeks ago...fairly cheap about £40 from my experience was fine...dispatched quickly and arrive within 3 days.


ditto order from tesco


One of those mickey mouse pop up websites / traders. Asides from the not so good price I wouldn't shop there myself


your find is better than mine...thats almost 30 quid on top of that..


They are £389 on eBay DotW at the moment.

Brand New iPod Touch 4th Gen 16GB £117 @ dealcloud-
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Posted 9th Oct 2013Posted 9th Oct 2013
Brand New iPod Touch 4th Gen 16GB £117 @ dealcloud-£117
Saw this deal through a sponsored link on facebook, done a bit of homework and the site is legit. £117 for an iPod Touch 4th Gen is a steal, but the deal ends on Monday so get it … Read more
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123 inc delivery


lol (:


Ooh good, may order one then (_;)


shame.. it doesn't get iOS 7 so pretty much been discontinued

lightning adapter & audio converter for iPhone 5 £1 plus £4.99 p&p @ eezeelifestyle / DealCloud
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Posted 1st Sep 2013Posted 1st Sep 2013
lightning adapter & audio converter for iPhone 5 £1 plus £4.99 p&p @ eezeelifestyle / DealCloud£5.99
Lightning adapter & audio converter for iPhone 5 Use your old iPhone 4/3GS cables to charge/sync iPhone 5 Connect iPhone5 to old audio accessories too. Not bad for a quid

What a con Took 3 weeks to arrive and it does not work :-(


Who is we have reports? For your info I fully understand about ce approved goods and importing from the Far East. Nut job. As far as this item stands it shows no info about being CE approved so I take it is just like rest...crap!


just a cheaply? What? Unpackaged Far East Rubbish? Haha... I didn't assume, I said some. And yes it was qualified, we have the reports. Just stick to being a helper, you obviously don't know Far East capabilities or how companies like dealcloud work. For that price, of course you can import CE approved goods direct from factories in China and make profit.


Well they are selling just a cheaply so why not! Just like your assumption no I've bought a couple of iPhone cables from the same merchant and as such they were unpackaged Far East rubbish.


How did you assume that then? Can I borrow that magic ball of yours?

£6 for a children's interactive Y-Pad £6.99 delivery @dealcloud
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Posted 29th Aug 2013Posted 29th Aug 2013
£6 for a children's interactive Y-Pad £6.99 delivery @dealcloud
Shame about the delivery cost but still a decent kids learning gadget. For £13
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No obviously not, but when it is supposedly 88% off (was £49.99) I would at least expect a real tablet, even if it is a cheap Chinese one.


These are Ok for maybe a fiver any more than that and you'll feel robbed


you can get these off a hong kong website for £6 with free delivery. thhey are tacky tho, but I suppose the kids like them.


what do you expect a ipad with retina display? It's for kids...


LOL back to the 80's! Cold. This isn't the tablet it looks to be... in fact it's not even a tablet, just a piece of plastic that plays tinny noises etc.

MP3 Shuffle Player - 8 Colours £4 @ DealCloud
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Posted 13th Aug 2013Posted 13th Aug 2013
MP3 Shuffle Player - 8 Colours £4 @ DealCloud£4
Apparently, a saving of 90%, but you can get a MP3 Shuffle Player for £4, Memory Card is NOT included, but you have a choice of 8 colours. Deal must be redeemed by 22nd August. Th… Read more
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Here is the ebay link I used. Gone up to £1.77 now.


not worth anyone's hard earned cash. pay a few quids more and get something branded. these don't last beyond a week and as others have correctly said, the performance/quality is too poor.




You misunderstand me. The clicking is at 5 hz, which means it clicks 5 times per second. Clearly the frequency isn't that as not being a large cetacean, I would be unable to hear it even if the headphones could produce that.


The majority of difference in sound quality comes from the earphones that you're using with them.

Barcelona: £99pp for a two night stay with match ticket to FC Barcelona (Flights & Transfers not included) @ Dealcoud - Independent Worldchoice Holidays
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Posted 4th Aug 2013Posted 4th Aug 2013
Barcelona: £99pp for a two night stay with match ticket to FC Barcelona (Flights & Transfers not included) @ Dealcoud - Independent Worldchoice Holidays£99
See the might of Barcelona at home in their 2013/14 La Liga campaign as they strive to retain their championship. Before the match take the opportunity to experience Barcelona, Eu… Read more
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Cracking deal that! Get the cheap flights from Ryanair (*shudder*) and you've got the chance to watch the best team in the world in a fantastic city for less than the price of a corporate box watching the premiership twaddle. :p Hot hot hot!


why don't you go and support your Local team...


Why see Barcelona when they are now past their best? I'd rather see the champions of Europe, but Bayern games are already sold out for the season. Dortmund games would be worth watching over this too. For me football is about the atmosphere and there isn't much of that at Camp Nou.


Date and kickoff time is usually confirmed about 10 days before.


Showing on the seat selector for me - mainly on the curves (e.g sectors 540/541/542/542/543/544/545/546 etc) Links:〈=en For the hotel:

Dealcloud 64GB micro sd/sdhc class 10 card £13.95 -
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Posted 20th Jul 2013Posted 20th Jul 2013
Dealcloud 64GB micro sd/sdhc class 10 card £13.95 -£13.95
Received an email this morning from deal cloud advertising an 64GB class 10 micro sd/sdhc card for £10 + £3.95 for p+p had a quick look around not seen this deal posted elsewhere … Read more

"Our" fellow members, surely.


With the cost of memory cards steadily declining due in part to the new micro sdxc format becoming more affordable in comparrison to micro sdhc also with the uk economy contracting it would not be unusual to see heavily discounted items such as this item, as it could be discontinued stock as happens with the large supermarkets and chain stores that was my reasoning behind this posting as a consumer looking for a possible deal


With many years experience as a buyer I know that the price of goods direct from the manufacturer or wholesaler can be a fraction of the retail price (dependant upon the item). That does *not* mean I would ever expect to see a real cost price on the open retail market, and if I did then I'd be very, very suspicious. Flash drives that are priced too good to be true always are and Dealcloud have scammed people in the past. As someone said above, the positive comments are from those people who were happy to get the product quickly and found it worked OK when they stuck a few files on it. By the time (if) they realise it's a dud it's too late to say so.


I feel in the way for which some of your fellow members shared their information could have been done so in a less blatant manner with less sarcasm as sarcasm does not translate well over a text based service and comments are easily misconstrued into the act of trolling which does not bode well for such a well established community


I accept that you have realised your mistake, to your credit. However, you are still referring to those who brought the mistake to your attention as "trolls". Bit unkind. They were trying to help, not just you but "the community as a whole".

A2 personalised canvas print for £17.99 via Deal Cloud
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Posted 20th Jun 2013Posted 20th Jun 2013
A2 personalised canvas print for £17.99 via Deal Cloud£17.99
Deal Cloud currently have an offer via Seems a really good deal for a decent sized canvas 16" x 24" which says its RRP is £54.99. There is… Read more

Ahhh, didnt see that. Still not too bad.


+7.95 delivery.

64GB Micro SDHC (Class 10) with SD Adaptor £10 @ dealcloud -
-225° Expired
Posted 16th Jun 2013Posted 16th Jun 2013
64GB Micro SDHC (Class 10) with SD Adaptor £10 @ dealcloud -£10
Seems like a great price - £10 inc. delivery for a 64GB MicroSDHC card, nominally Class 10, and with a SD Adaptor. This is for a voucher. - LongPockets P&P is not included a… Read more

I went thru Jersey Trading Standards. A Mr. Harvey of Onebo (still trading from a shop in Jersey) Says I'll have a refund by tomorrow. We'll see.


I'm done. Paypal dispute heard nothing back from them so refunded me. Company's FB page is a sad state of annoyed users but it seems they;re still trading.


Anyone still 'Live' with this one?


Update: After raising a dispute as emails to Onebo go unanswered and have done for weeks, Dealcloud initially declined the refund and asked to close case as Onebo was to replace/refund me. Obviously, as they're a company dealing with counterfeit goods they did no such thing so I escalated the case in Paypal, who have since refunded me fully. Check your paypal account if you've opened a dispute as I received no email from them concerning the case escalation and none saying they've decided in my favour and fully refunded me. Still, an email to was sent weeks ago and I didn't have to return the item as Onebo never replied. Lose-Lose deal.


Try this one: Got an e-mail back today stating they are looking into it. I hope EVERYBODY that got effected writes in too.

£50 Ralph Lauren online gift card @ dealcloud (French Polo) - £6 + £10 delivery
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Posted 9th Jun 2013Posted 9th Jun 2013
£50 Ralph Lauren online gift card @ dealcloud (French Polo) - £6 + £10 delivery£16
8 Ralph Lauren items to choose from at French Polo. Link in first post.

Agreed they are cheaper but not cheap for fakes really.


£120 for a Polo shirt? It better allow me to fly and sh#t.


Am I missing something? You pay 6 pounds + 10 pounds delivery = 16 pounds => got 50 pounds voucher to spend. for the frenchpolo: The t-shirt costs 110 pounds => need more than 2 voucher -> cost you 32 + 10 = 42 pounds you need to wait for nearly 1 month to get the t-shirt. sorry my friend, cold voted.


Wow they're ugly.


Same tops are £13.05 here! ;) Same tops, much cheaper!

£199 for a two night B&B stay for two with 5 course dinner & wine at Beech Hill Hotel
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Posted 21st Feb 2013Posted 21st Feb 2013LocalLocal
£199 for a two night B&B stay for two with 5 course dinner & wine at Beech Hill Hotel£199
£199 for a two night stay in a bed and breakfast for two with a 5 course dinner and wine in the Lake District.
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i hate targetted voucher re-posts - whats the point ? especially by noobs

Real Madrid or Barcelona football weekend, from £129pp, inc hotel @ dealcloud
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Posted 6th Dec 2012Posted 6th Dec 2012
Real Madrid or Barcelona football weekend, from £129pp, inc hotel @ dealcloud£129
Prices include two nights’ accommodation in a 3/4* ideally-located city hotel and match ticket. Could be good as a Christmas gift, you'd need to redeem it and book it in advance t… Read more

Yo kell.b, sorry that you felt like that. I've removed my post with the meme picture. Things can get quite heated on here sometimes, but HUKD is generally a helpful and friendly place :). If you say things like it's not fair or you are being penalized, you can expect people to make their own opinion and correct you on here though, they were just explaining their view of things and didn't intend to offend you.


Callum9999 it did come across as a bit harsh.. Kell.b apologies if I have offended in my comments I was trying to get the point over. Single supplement is just and valid.. Hotel rooms are sold at a rate for two people hence the package is assuming 2 people so two incomes will go against the room, in the uk an average room is say £100 , if an offer is based on two sharing to get a nights stay with free zoo tickets for £80 each then the hotel will get 2x£50 and the zoo 2x £30 ( less commissions by the agent) So the hotel covers its room rate, if only one person goes they only get £50, down £50 so they will want a single supplement.. I have travelled many times abroad on my own and its great the freedom no falling out with peeps, hostels are brilliant to meet people, and I.d much rather have a bunk bed than stay in 5 star hotel all over the world, as its far friendlier. As a tip if you ever fancy going to India intrepid travel charge a single supplement, but if there is only one female or one male (without a travelling companion) they will give you a room to yourself.. Thus saving a single supplement


You're the one who said it... I didn't mock you for it at all (plenty of people don't have friends to go on holiday with), I merely pointed out it's not the hotels fault. And if you didn't keep refusing to accept that you weren't being penalised, I wouldn't have had to point out why your personal circumstances are different to a couple going away. I know for a fact I haven't belittled or insulted anyone. If merely repeating what you said about not having people to go away with is "belittling" and "insulting" then you shouldn't have said it in the first place...


It's the way those facts were pointed out though, not friendly at all. To actually put in you comment that I have no friends willing to go on holiday with me is totally out of order and too personal a comment to make about someone you don't know. And to put that the internet isn't a place for me is wrong too. I use many sites and this is the only one that I have felt belittled and insulted. So way to go if that's how you like to make people feel.


If you're so touchy that you cannot accept an explanation as to why you are wrong (absolutely nothing "unfriendly" in my post, just stating facts), then the internet isn't the place for you. Just to clarify again, you are charged more than half the rate of a couple because you cost the hotel more than half what a couple costs them. It is not a conspiracy to stop single people going on holidays...

Time2Touch 10” Android Tablet (worth £249.99) £139.99 at Dealcloud/Time2
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Posted 19th Jun 2012Posted 19th Jun 2012
Time2Touch 10” Android Tablet (worth £249.99) £139.99 at Dealcloud/Time2£139.99
Got this offer through the dealcloud website, looks good for the price for a 10" screen. Highlights: Say goodbye to those small screens, work and play on a mammoth 10.1" multi-to… Read more
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even the better deals posted are kinda old now, the dual core 10 inch and 9.7 inch chinese tabs are already here, no UK sellers have them as far as i can tell but they will soon enough sites like pandawill are already selling them


I love this ad! cutting edge processor!! What edges is this processor cutting? enormous 10.1" screen - that is bl00dy HUGE! original android 2.3.... phew! I though it may have been that bootleg version fake bandroid 7.8 Great tablet!!


op got it wrong then :)


Was going from the OP, £139.99 then goes on to say the postage is an extra £9.99 ;)


£25 less ? , back to school for you