Deals at netto from tomorrow

Deals at netto from tomorrow

Found 12th Apr 2009
Banrock Station, [email protected]£9.99
Coca Cola, [email protected](Offer ends 26/04/09.)

Nouvelle, 18 [email protected]£3.99
Golden Wonder,32 pack variety box @£2.49
Pot Noodles(Chicken & Mushroom, Curry and Beef Tomato.)[email protected] (Offer ends 26/04/09.)
Kellogs Bran Flakes,500g (Offer ends 26/04/09)(RRP £1.79) @99p
Prepared Veg Pack,400g (£1.48 per kg)@59p per pack
Sunny D Florida Style,Buy 1 get 1 free! 1 [email protected]£1.45 each
Heinz Beans,415g (Offer ends 26/04/09)@5 for £2.00
Utterly Butterly(Buy 1 get 1 free!) 500g,£1.19 each
Ovaltine,300g 50% extra [email protected] each
Potatoes,5kg (28p per kg)@£1.39 per pack
Ross Fish Fingers 600g 50% extra [email protected]£1.89 per pack

Mini Greenhouse With 8 [email protected]£14.99 each
Metal Wall Planters With liner - 3 [email protected]£16.99 each
Walk-In Greenhouse with PVC [email protected]£24.99 each
Fountain Pump.40 [email protected]£9.99 each
Children's Gardening,8 piece boxed [email protected]£4.99 each
Garden Tool Trolley(To store your essentials)@£9.99 each
Folding Wheel [email protected]£14.99 each
Compost,40 [email protected]£1.99 each

Glade Sense & Spray,Vanilla(RRP £8.99)@ £4.49
Bounce,Summer Breeze-25 [email protected]£1.49 each
Soda Crystals,[email protected] each
Glade Sense & Spray,Vanilla - [email protected]£1.99 each
Neutradol,Dustbin Odour [email protected] each
Fairy Wash Up,Pink Petals [email protected]£1.25 each
Toilet Duck,Fresh Discs [email protected]£1.99 each
Ajax Scourer,Powder [email protected] each

Colombello Wine,Red/White [email protected]£2.99 each
Tuborg,20x275ml [email protected]£9.99 each
VHF Variety Pack,4x70cl(Lemon, Dandelion & Burdock, Orange & Blue)@£4.99 each
Blossom Hill,Red/White [email protected]£2.99 each
Epoca Wine,Nero D'avola Sicillia [email protected]£2.99 each
Carlsberg Export,8x400ml [email protected]£5.99 each
Epoca Wine,Grillo Sicilla [email protected]£2.99 each


only potaroes half decent

my local never has any of the good offers advertised every time i go in

30 pack of montana bars looks like a good deal @ £1.59


my local never has any of the good offers advertised every time i go in

Hit the nail on the head I sometimes go to three Nettos and all the offers never seem to be in stock, Netto has become a laughing stock, the offers just don't seem to be GREAT anymore.
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