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Zoolz Cloud Storage: Lifetime of 1TB Instant Vault and 1TB of Cold Storage now $44.95 @Cult of Mac
Found 14th JulFound 14th Jul
Now even cheaper! Was $49.99 Just one payment. No more to pay. Dump the Hard Drives & Lock In a Smarter, Reliable Storage Solution with 2TB of Data for Life Two user version (t… Read more

Hopefully not :) Zoolz is, I think, a British company but their data centres are apparently at about half a dozen international sites. Zoolz now seems to have separated it's home use from business use. Still works! The business use under the name of Bigmind. Their slightly annoying site is here


I don't think they would go wiping all the drives with out letting people know


As with anything you care to mention, they or something they rely on may go out of business. Who can tell what may happen in even a few years time? If I was seriously into cloud backup, I'd use two unrelated sites anyway Try reading some reviews. They are not new to the market. I've traced Zoolz website back to 2012. If you get a few years out of them that's a TOTAL of £34 for 2 terabytes


The point stands. If they go out of business Amazon is not going to keep them running, are they?


It's been ok with me, but apparently according to someone who posted when I last mentioned this you have to be careful with copyrighted material for instance. It can get removed. So it should be encrypted. Even more negative votes this time. Haha.

Free various bundles including software development @cult of
Found 21st Dec 2017Found 21st Dec 2017
Free various bundles (some are for one month only) including software development. You need to register with them to get them A selection: TMAC Fitness: 1-Month Membership Free P… Read more

Decent, grabbed a few course licenses to brush up on some skills. Love Cult of Mac


It is a little complicated to get the courses. I don't know why. They could have simply password linked the access. They are legitimate. I've been a 'member' for years. I don't think they've sold on my email address. (for instance). I've posted a number of their deals here.


Nice one. Got three of them so far.


I signed up for these offers but changed my mind and didn't download any because of all the guff you need to do to get the 'freebies' I also feel somewhat suspicious about it all.


I don't know how useful these are but I'd recommend freecodecamp, the odinproject, khan academy and the highly useful sites Coursera and eDX for quality free course. Having a structured course is very useful and when you get stuck ask for help on stack exchange.

Keep Your Media Library Up to Date with This Lightning-Fast, Secure Solution was $499 now £37 (one off payment) @
Found 20th Dec 2017Found 20th Dec 2017
Maybe use coupon code CYBER40 to take an additional 40% off this already great deal! = $30 = £23 This is basically a streaming service where you can use their company servers to c… Read more

BTW just had a wee chuckle about the use of sic which means the quoted text was transcribed exactly as found in the original text. I hope you see the irony given the circumstances :)


My 'misleading description' was only misleading (sic) because of hotdeals. I don't think any ordinary poster knows what their terms are as regards what can be posted. They can be very picky. So I decided to replace all references to you know what! Yes it is impressive as a one person enterprise (from Reditt) His other project is Wikidot. If the terms there for copyrighted material are similar to the terms at Streamza, then he/they must spend a lot of time removing material! Well, thank you for trying the trial, it doesn't seem much use as a trial. :)


Also this is a one person enterprise, quite impressive for that alone.


Despite the trial being fairly poor (well it's irrelevant as to whether it's a good service, it simply doesn't let you judge whether it's good) I'm going to have to give the thumbs up to this one. I doubt if most of the people voting cold understood what they were voting on but that, and regard for whether it's good value, often doesn't seem to be a factor. Heat from me.


Not really, you can't download and you can only stream a 30 second clip (supposedly 2 minutes but it isn't). A fun packed 2 weeks. Despite the original misleading description , you're welcome.

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Zoolz Cloud Storage: Lifetime of 1TB Instant Vault and 1TB of Cold Storage was  $3,600.00 now $49.99 :-)@Cult of Mac
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Dump the Hard Drives & Lock In a Smarter, Reliable Storage Solution with 2TB of Data for Life Two user version (two people can use the space for storage) I've now got it wor… Read more

I don't get why it's cold seems like one of the best Black Friday deals for me


I did mention that, but IIRC it's only for a short time


You are correct - well done I missed that


With the cyber40 discount...


Well it was for me!

iMazing 2: Universal License for Mac & Windows @ Cut of Mac £19.95
Found 12th Nov 2017Found 12th Nov 2017
This is the universal licence for at least 2 pcs or mac devices theoretically $79.99 This doesn't require Itunes!!!, so you don't spend ages updating your version of Itunes or upda… Read more

So glad it helped. I do realise that some people are not very well up in the realities of life.


bought this last week from the mashable shop for the same priec (-10% discount code on sign up to their newsletter). Pretty good software, I trialled a few similar software befoer settiling on this one. Definitely liking it.


Is that worrying?


Cult of Mac does, but the iMazing site shows it cheaper, so wrong RRP showing on COM website.,,,,,


Actually the cult of mac website shows $79.98 FWIW I'd love to know why people are voting this cold, there used to be free applications which did this in Iphone 4 days, but I've not seen anything recently

SitePoint Premium Lifetime Subscription - 88% off - $450 reduced to $49.99 (£38.11)
Found 26th Jul 2017Found 26th Jul 2017
I just came across this deal in the Cult of Mac deals newsletter. Not strictly a UK deal as such, however British geeks like myself can take full advantage.. SitePoint's lifetime s… Read more
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I like edx the courses are really good to follow and can do them for free to see if you like it just pay at end if you want the qualification certificates


Their lifetime account is genuinely that original price and hasn't changed since I joined back in February. I can confirm there is a lot of great content, both advanced and beginner level. Lots of technical, up to date stuff to keep you clued up. Lynda is alright but I find their tutorials pretty basic sometimes


Now is this site any good...and is it just one of those over inflated prices dropped down to the real price deals? Can't say I've heard of it... how is it in comparison to

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RA4W VPN: Lifetime Subscription @ cult of mac $19.99 (£15)
Found 3rd Jul 2017Found 3rd Jul 2017
There seem to be quite a lot of VPNs around at the moment. I think it really depends on whether they will still be around in years to come and on the number of points throughout t… Read more

What you probably should do first is check your ip address with something like: This should give you your real ip address and approximate location. Then start up the vpn, choose a country, in the case of this one you should wait until the facility gives "connected (ip-anonymous)" This may take a few minutes. Then check your ip address, it should give another ip and a location in the country of choice. If it doesn't then wait or use another connection. Don't run anyrhing sensitive until you get the VPN to connect. FWIW, dns seems to be resolved locally. This could be a problem so... Additional info: You should check how dns is resolved Go to If there are any showing the uk (flag), then you have a leak. Rather than putting your gateway ip as dns, use a public dns server such as opendns, this seems to fix the leak It's also probably worthwhile switching of Microsoft client for networks and file and printer sharing whilst you are checked the adapter properties ;)


Thanks OP. That should suffice for my purposes


This is quite a good review of VPNs with some explanation of why a normal person might need one. (RA4W is not included)


This is kinda exactly what is wrong with society. People have too many rights over police officers so police cannot search them willingly. What if a person refused to be searched had a knife and hurt someone close to you?


Not really to be honest, unless the policeman has good reason to believe I have something i shouldn't, I would prefer he didn't come anywhere near me. Nobody has agreed to allow governments to "pat search". Unless there is a very good reason to suspect I am up to no good, I would prefer my internet habits remain unknown.

PureVPN life time subscription around £42 @ Cult of Mac
Found 16th Jan 2016Found 16th Jan 2016
I saw a previous deal for an annual subscription but this is for life-time. Price is $59.00 which translates to roughly £42.00 according to google. You can get an additional 10% of… Read more

Ahhh.. are we really discussing the most unreliable vpn provider, Purevpn here. I highly under rate this purevpn because of too many disconnection and connectivity issues. Half of my day went struggling just to bloody connect it. We have many trusted providers out there


Just tried it on my phone in flight mode connected to the wifi, exactly the same. When i load netflix it loads up the U.S netflix as i can view titles not on the uk version, as soon as i try play anything it comes up with a message saying please disable your vpn or proxy. I only paid £25 for a lifetime subscription to VPN unlimited so im assuming its not the best vpn service in the world.


Reason I ask is some services will use your phone signal even if using a VPN to detect where you are. Sky go for instance. You have to use the device in flight mode then VPN. Sounds like this isn't the problem in your case though.


I tried it on my phone and nvidia shield, both failed to work. Haven't tried the laptop but assumed it would be the same result.


are you using it on a phone?

AnonVPN 1yr VPN sub for 70p @ CultofMac
Found 18th Dec 2015Found 18th Dec 2015
$1 for 1yr VPN or Pay the average for lifetime subscription. (Currently $17) If you choose the Pay the Average bundle you also get lifetime Nonkly disposable email as well. - Unl… Read more

Strange the latest client is running really well for me. much more reliable connection.


Yeah am running that client on Mac and Windows 10 but unable to connect


Have you updated to the latest version? I haven't used it for a week or so but just tried opening the app and it prompted me to update, after the update there is also new server listed in Frankfurt. connected first time for me. Version I'm now running is...


Not working for me any more either. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but same. Guessing I've had my 73p's worth


not suitable to use vpn to stream us TV on Android tablet?! any alternative

Getflix lifetime (30 years) £26 @ Cultofmac $39 or $35.10
Found 26th Sep 2015Found 26th Sep 2015
30 years smartdns also VPN included. Apps for iOS and android. Here is the list of VPN To get the discount you need to sign… Read more

Thanks Ninja14, its a bit strange this is cold as I posted on ozbargain too and people think it's unbeatable. Hola and others take your band with, no much is free in this life.....


Thanks for this, paid £23 with the 10% code! =) Subscription Expiry Oct 10, 2045, beats having to use so called "FREE" services...where are these?? Supports a lot of counties as well, and services. If it's lasts a year i'm happy! =) Also just in case any one wants to try a 14 day free trial, the site is


Why are people voting cold?


Are they any good?


Can I get a part refund if this doesn't work with my super 5D virtual reality bio orb in 24 years time? ;)

Pay what you want 10 app Mac power user software bundle 65p-£6 @ Cult of Mac
Found 31st Aug 2015Found 31st Aug 2015
Very Decent Mac software bundle with combined retail total of £250 for £6! Paying the minimum (around 65p) only gets you Screens and Find Any File apps.... Beat the average thoug… Read more

Not entirely clear, you have to pay the average, so you can't exactly pay what you want. But, Crossover 14, for £6 alone would be a good deal, I've used it in the past to install Publisher on my mac and it works really seamlessly. The rest seem pretty good too. Bargain.


If you must have apple software, then I think some of these applications are very good value

Mac Software Bundle inc Crossover 14 - £4.56 @ Cult of Mac
Found 15th Aug 2015Found 15th Aug 2015
Hi, This one won't be for everyone, however I was looking for a way to run a specific PC application on my Mac this evening without the use of a Virtual Machine and stumbled acros… Read more
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Cheers OP. Purchased! Also bought he IOS app programming course for $20. Worked out at £15.99 for the lot.


downloaded this the other day, pain in the **** downloading and installing each one and registering to the various websites but totally worth it, especially for Crossover, what a a bargain!


Parallels serves a purpose in the world of virtualisation, as does VmWare Fusion or VirtualBox. CrossOver is a little different as you don't need to create a Virtual Machine to run the application :)


Voted hot because I have an iMac. Parallels is the way to go if you want to run Windows / PC apps on a Mac.


Purchased. Thanks :{

Mac App Bundle - 10 Apps - Includes Parallels Desktop 8 and Snagit £33.07 @ cultofmac
Found 11th Jul 2013Found 11th Jul 2013
Paid more than this for the student copy of Parallels. Apps are: Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac Snagit For Mac Typinator xPlan WinZip Mac Edition 2.0 (lol) Jump Desktop Boom For … Read more

Had to uninstall Parallels due to mouse problems and now cant reinstall it. Even tech support at Paralleles cant figure it out...still waiting for tech to get back with a solution. Two hours of remote controlled assistance and they cant even instsll it. Be warned....


I listed this deal 2 days ago and got it removed as it's not a reputable company?? I think the bundle is one of the best them have done! Parallel is working very well on my 2013 Macbook Air i7 8GB Ram. Installed Windows ultimate - 64 Bit Also liking Typinator - Good for adding keyboard shortcuts (like on iOS) Snagit - Excellent screen capture app. Boom- Cant believe the sound quality coming from my keyboard. Something so thin aswell!! Yet to play with the other Apps yet!!


You may be right...the mouse is acting weird in my CAD package using Parallels so I had to uninstall Parallels tools but now it wont reinstall. Oh well, will give me something to mess with tomorrow. Still very impressed by how it all runs.


I have it set to two, but for anything as intensive as 3D rendering, I'd just go into boot camp personally


Parallel is running just fine on my MBP...glad I bought it now. Anyone know the best settings? I have 16gb ram and i7 so effectively 8 cores. I gave Windows 4gb and 4 cores but found that Logic Pro kept running crashing while rendering a 3D model in Windows. Still, rendering does hog the CPU. Would I be better halving everything between the two systems. Bargain by the way, and heat added.

Roxio Toast 11 Titanium. Digital download for Mac. £32.99 @ cultofmac
Found 28th Apr 2013Found 28th Apr 2013
Cult of Mac are selling Roxio Toast 11 for $49.99. £32.29. Bargain fr a powerful media tool. Amazon are selling for £43

Dead link!!! Although with Handbrake being free and RipIt being £12.......I won't be straying


Roxio must be coming to the end of life for this product as all newer Macs don't have a DVD rive fitted!

conmob All the specs.


What does this do that Handbrake and RipIt doesn't???


why would you actually want to purchase this??

The Startup Handbook FREE @ Cult of Mac
Found 22nd Nov 2012Found 22nd Nov 2012
A Free Ebook Highlighting the Best Startup Resources on the Web Learn Where All the Best Resources Are for Startups! Does your startup need to save money? Probably. Are you loo… Read more

Thanks to simplyjimbo and the OP for this - some useful ebook links inside.


Good for you. Feel better for telling us all?


Didn't need a twitter account myself just clicked enter with the cursor in the name box. Here is the link for that tat anyway, no requirement to log in to download so save the hassle of spam.


You need to have a twitter or a facebook account. I have neither and never will!