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[Wii U Virtual Console] Paper Mario £8.99 - From Thursday @ Nintendo eShop
Found 18th May 2015Found 18th May 2015
Discover the Paper Mario adventure that started it all! Explore a charming papercraft world with Mario and a hilarious supporting cast Make the story your own with nonlinear game… Read more

The game's now up and definitely gets a purchase from me, at the £1.79 discounted price from having the Wii version. I bought a few thousand Wii Shop points nice and cheap a while back, so I can see myself doing this with the N64 VC games as fast (or should that be slow (_;)) as they can release them!


I just bought it, I've never played this before either bonus :)


Doesnt seem to make a difference... Castlevania Symphony of the Night on PS1 rarely edges below £100 despite being on PSN for years, and even as a freebie on the PSP castlevania game


I remember buying this second hand for N64 for a small fortune, completing it, and selling it for even more than it cost. Such a wonderful game, I will certainly be getting this - heat


How do you manage to play all these games? I have such a backlog on my 3DS and Wii U, that stopped buying new ones, unless it's a great deal that will be gone.

Nintendo Download: 14th May (Europe) 3DS /  Wii U 14th May Ducktales: Remastered £5.39 (Wii U) /  S.T.E.A.M (3DS) Theme free with any purchase on eshop
Found 11th May 2015Found 11th May 2015
Live 14th may usually late evening Wii U eShop Ultratron (Curve Digital, €8.49 / £6.50 until 28th May, normally €9.99 / £7.99) - For those with a yearning for a retro-style aren… Read more
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Got DuckTales, thanks OP.


Man, glad I waited on Ducktales (been waiting for AVGN Adventures actually) as this price is more than acceptable. Will be getting Giana Sisters as well I think......anyone have any info about when AVGN Adventures will be arriving on the eshop? Cant anything but "coming soon" and that hasnt changed since it came out in the US over a month ago.




But I don't have a ps4.


Cheers for that info, I would have told my son in the morning he was getting the Dungeons and Dragons game so you've saved him being disappointed, thanks for that :)

Nintendo Downloads 3DS / Wii U – April 30th  @ Nintendo eshop
Found 27th Apr 2015Found 27th Apr 2015
Will be aval 30th April usually late evening - will be grabbing SSB DLC personally :) Wii U eShop Sin & Punishment: Successor of the Skies (Nintendo, €14.99 / £13.49 until 7t… Read more
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not sure about SSB but for MK8 I had the option for DLC in my e-shop even when the disc wasn't in my machine


Same old sale ****


So many Kirby games I'll accidently acquire this week.


Thanks, yeah, I recall I was on holiday when the NSMB2 DLC went on sale. I had my 3DS on me, but not the cart, so I missed the sale because I had to make the purchase in-game.


"amiibo Touch & Play: Nintendo Classic Highlights (Nintendo, free) – Nintendo’s latest use for all those amiibo figures we’ve been hunting and gathering is a free app that contains segments of 30 Virtual Console games. By scanning an amiibo you will unlock a random game sample to try. You can also assign an amiibo to a specific game to take on up to 10 three minute scenes from that title. Wii U eShop DLC" Had to lol at this, all the collectors hunting amiibo then keep them pristine in box and not being able use them as Nintendo was very sly and added shielding to the nfc part making them unusable unless taken out of the box.

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Every Pokémon, Outfit & Diamond Attainable Via Passcode Revealed for Pokemon Rumble World
Found 21st Apr 2015Found 21st Apr 2015
Every Pokémon, Outfit & Diamond Attainable Via Passcode has been leaked - Nintendo intended to release these codes over the next year! To add in a passcode to Pokémon Rumble … Read more
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People using these codes clearly can't play the game properly.


Thank you!


What a spoiler! 4 episodes of GOT, now this, what is next to be leaked?


nice one. forgot download this, just playing it now :)

New Streetpass Mii Plaza Games Starts International Streetpass Week From 16th – 27th April + Free Home Theme
Found 8th Apr 2015Found 8th Apr 2015
Locations in 1st post It’s about time for owners of a Nintendo 3DS family system to take to the streets, as Nintendo announces International StreetPass Week between 16th and 27th … Read more
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What a complete waste of time. Mii characters? Does anyone actually use the Mii Plaza?


Streetpass communities are almost pointless ever since the relays which pick people up from all over the world, but a free theme is welcome


Participating Nintendo Zone locations for StreetPass Relay activity, the special Mii of Mr. Shibata and a free Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu theme: Germany: McDonald’s UK: GAME Italy: McDonald’s, Gamelife , VideoGamesParty Home Spain: GAME Benelux: Game Mania, MANGAKISSA Participating Nintendo Zone locations for StreetPass Relay activity only: Germany: McDonald’s UK: GAME, O2 Wifi Italy: McDonald’s, Gamelife, VideoGamesParty Home Spain: GAME Benelux: Game Mania, MANGAKISSA, KPN

LEGO Batman 3  Heroines and Villainesses Pack (Free)  / LittleBigPlanet  Fragrances Costume Kit (Free) @ PlayStation store
Found 1st Apr 2015Found 1st Apr 2015
See link :) Just grabbed Batman LBP is for PS3 / PS4 / Vita Batman PS4 only Also also Toukiden Kiwami Toukiden: Kiwami – Mitama – Ichimonji Mari (Free) Toukiden: Kiwami – Mita… Read more
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Batman for xbox 360 too


Batman is available for PS3 as well.


It's on xbox aswell


My daughter has been waiting for this since January and have been counting down the days... Thank God it's out



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Play Pacman on your street with Google Maps
Found 31st Mar 2015Found 31st Mar 2015
Welcome, Player 1! You can now play the classic arcade game PAC-MAN in Google Maps with streets as your maze. Avoid Blinky, Pinky, Inky, (and Clyde!) as you swerve the streets of s… Read more
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our local paper mentioned this in the april 1st issue saying pacman can be played on our local google maps roads,i commented that i was not going to fall for this and the april fool was on them but it seems that it was true and the fool is me! doh! :p


Yes I noticed this pop up a few days ago. Very funny. Heat added.


Still working, you need to look for the Pacman icon in the lower left of your screen.


Not working


Thanks so much, my dad is in his element playing this! its actually quite fun, I have tried it, but it gets too addictive after awhile

Nintendo eShop deals of the week - Live Thursday 2nd April
Found 30th Mar 2015Found 30th Mar 2015
Live Thursday Evening (2nd) - Think i'll be picking up Citizens Of Earth Wii U deals Gravity Badgers | £2.49 Citizens Of Earth | £6.69 3DS deals Citizens Of Earth | £6.69 Aqu… Read more
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I am not sure about Wii U but on PS4 there is a demo of it. Might want to check. I imagine there would be. I absolutely love the game but have not bought it yet. I wonder, does it run well and work well on the wii u as I could just buy it for that.


Tappingo is good. Annoyed about the absence of the sequel over here though.


Think I'll do that too, I like trophies/achievements, they really help to keep you playing that more and explore the games systems a bit more to find them. I'm not obsessive about getting them but they definitely add a bit of incentive to play, shame Nintendo never came up with their own version, you really miss them after coming to the 3ds/wii u from other systems.


Comment Would be best to read through reviews and see if the problems mentioned affect you. Though from people who've played it I've heard good things from. Said it reminds them a lot of earthbound. I would like to buy but I'll wait for the play station price drop. I'd like to play it on my vita with trophies


Seconded, though to be fair Nintendo are probably working flat out just to get enough new disc/AAA releases out for the 3DS and especially Wii U since third party support for Wii U has virtually died. No reason they couldn't put some of the existing games on sale, especially the Virtual Console titles, they would probably get a great sales boost as I couldn't imagine them selling that well at full price.

Nintendo Download: 26th March Wii U / 3DS @ Nintendo eshop
Found 23rd Mar 2015Found 23rd Mar 2015
As above - Live 26th March usually late evening Wii U eShop Trine Enchanted Edition (Frozenbyte, €12.99 / £10.99) - Its Wii U release has taken a little longer than originally … Read more
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Shame that, it seems the only game that supports 3D on Wii U is Assasins creed 3.


Wow, what the hell? SMT4 on sale again already for like 3 or 4 quid cheaper than last time? I've not even played it yet, sheesh. They're really trying to apologize for the horrendous delay in EU that game had.


Afraid not


although I'm not interested in any of these games I do like the way nintendo rewards people who buy early.


Same difference.

Nintendo Download: 12th March (Europe) 3DS / Wii U (eshop)
Found 9th Mar 2015Found 9th Mar 2015
Some nice little bargains in there and some classics like 3D altered Beast, Streets Of Rage & Outrun Will go live Thursday Wii U eShop Punch-Out!! (Nintendo, €19.99 / £17.99… Read more
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Plus these are for DSi and Wii eshops, cannot use them on 3DS or Wii U...


The game on 3DS natively runs in 16:9 widescreen 60fps whereas the original ran in 4:3 square 30fps luckily the orginal mode is unlockable within the game.


I was worried about the same thing looking at the screenshots, but downloaded it and tried it.. and while there is strangely an option to make the borders highly noticeable from the settings menu, the default is only a very tiny border that seems mainly to maintain an aspect ratio. So after some very quick adjustment to the 3D, given that I'm so used to playing it in 2D, it looked fantastic. Don't let the fear of a border put you off buying it. It's great.


I've started to buy the Sega 3D classics, got 5 but run out of funds and everywhere is so dear on eshop credit, even CD keys are expensive now :( Why does everything Nintendo have to be overpriced (except in decent sales like this one obviously). It's like they are the Apple of gaming..... Did notice that rather cheekily Sonic 3D is still at full price, despite being released the same time as the other discounted titles, bit of a shame as I wanted the whole collection but I won't pay full price as it was the one I was least interested in anyway, love the game but played it so many times already and I don't really see what 3D would add to it, so I'll have to give it a miss. Looking forward to playing Outrun, though I noticed the only gameplay screenshot showed a border all the way round the screen, really hope that is just an optional view as bordering the already small 3DS display would really put me off it...


I grabbed shinobi, outrun, and hang on. Prob will pick up shantae. And will definitely need to upgrade my 32gb to a 64 gb!

Nintendo eShop Discounts From £1.70
Found 2nd Mar 2015Found 2nd Mar 2015
Wii U Master Reboot | £9.99 £4.99 Tengami | £6.99 £3.49 3DS Wakedas | £2.50 £1.70 Witch & Hero | £3.60 £1.79 World Conqueror 3D | £4.29 £3.59
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There was a pretty decent sale of the digital version of super Mario world


Like Apple they are conditioning the public to not expect any sales from them. It's a pricing strategy to support their branding.


Agreed, if they put a 1 day 50% off all 1st party eshop games I'd probably end up buying the majority of the snes library and half the nes library. As it is I've got a few but begrudge paying £6 for a digital 25 year old game that I've already bought on various other platforms (and in some cases original release) Never gonna happen tho. Nintendo don't do deals very often.


Yeah, Nintendo don't seem to like putting their own games on sale much, they seem to prefer to leave it to the few remaining third party developers they have left, neither do they seem to capitalise very well on their great back catalogue thanks to the virtual console, very few VC games ever seem to show up on offer. The recent Wii games at £8.99 was great while it lasted but these kinds of deals are far too infrequent IMHO and the argument Nintendo have to make money doesn't wash here either as VC games have made Nintendo plenty of money already, many times over in some cases, heck they could probably afford to give them away free if they wanted to. To be best of my knowledge Nintendo classics like Super Mario World have never been on any kind of deal since the Wii U launched in 2012! A real missed opportunity to capitalise on something only Nintendo can offer.


Think it is 25% off next week.