Death Note: Complete Series and OVA Collection (Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray] £21.25 @ Zoom using code

Death Note: Complete Series and OVA Collection (Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray] £21.25 @ Zoom using code

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Found 13th Sep 2016

31/10 pre-order.

Price has recently dropped on Zoom from £40+ to match Amazon. 15% off code does the rest.

£39.99 now on Amazon(thanks Peegy)
£39.99 @ Zavvi

4.2% via TopCashback. Free delivery.

All 37 episodes of the Japanese anime series based on the manga by Tsugumi Ohba. The series follows the work of the shinigamis, gods of death, who have the power to kill any person they want just as long as they write their name in the Death Note after the killing. When shinigami Ryuk (voice of Shidou Nakamura) gets bored of his lifestyle, he decides to see what a human would do with a Death Note and so places one in the human world.

The episodes are: 'Rebirth', 'Confrontation', 'Dealings', 'Pursuit', 'Tactics', 'Unraveling', 'Overcast', 'Glare', 'Encounter', 'Doubt', 'Assault', 'Love', 'Confession', 'Friend', 'Wager', 'Decision', 'Execution', 'Ally', 'Matsuda', 'Makeshift', 'Performance', 'Guidance', 'Frenzy', 'Revival', 'Silence', 'Renewal', 'Abduction', 'Impatience', 'Father', 'Justice', 'Transfer', 'Selection', 'Scorn', 'Vigilance', 'Malice', '1.28 (January 28)' and 'New World'. Also included in the collection are two OVAs: 'Visions of a God: Relight' and 'Relight 2: L's Successors'.
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cancelled Amazon ordered this thanks. great saving money
£39.99 on Amazon now so better deal here.
I've already got this on dvd and never watched it, do I really need it on blu-ray?

Somebody tell me no.

Somebody tell me no.

Take a Potato Chip and EAT IT!
Noice! Never managed to watch past episode 13... And it was on Netflix, but I was too late! Cheers for this!
Ordered thanks
Boom! thanks
Has price gone back up? Showing as 34 with code for me
How many versions of Akira do we need!?!!?!
I really want to re-watch the whole series again, but I don't think I have the patience to watch the episodes where nothing happens anymore.
mine arrived today excellent service definitely use this company again
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